Greetings fellow kindred spirits!

I have this tendency of obsessing over very niche things for an indeterminable amount of time. As quickly as I’m struck with the urge to collect or DIY, the compulsion sometimes flat out drops dead or slowly fizzles into nothingness. My last massive scale hobby was cosmetic collecting and reviewing, which was fun but very costly (this went on for about 3 years). From there, I became a child of the Sunwell, playing in the middle of the Mists of Pandaria expansion (I think I’ve been playing for about 2 years). I am currently an avid crocheter and yarn enthusiast (8 months in counting).

I am now hardcore lemming dolls – Blythe, Pullip, and Ever After High dolls.

This doll thing kind of hit me like a bus – one day I’m browsing Instagram, when I stumble upon these Ever After High dolls. I had so many questions – “What are these dolls about?” “Who collects these dolls?” “What does one do with dolls?”

Then I remembered that my boyfriend mentioned that his friends have Dollfie Dream dolls and other BJDs (I balk at the price of the dollfies to an extent that I refuse to think about obtaining one). So my next steps were to look up popular doll brands by searching #blythe and #pullip (blythes more than pullip). I don’t know why I prefer the blythe over the pullip… I think I like the exaggerated head and the changing eyes and that luxe mane of hair.

Also, on some level, I think that maybe my wanting a high end doll has to do with my not having an American Girl doll in elementary school – the American Girl doll was such a status symbol during my childhood (Psychology!). … But at that age, I also found dolls to be SUPER creepy (Thank’s Chucky.)

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that on this blog I will be rambling about the things that occupy my mind palace. In any case, I hope to update this blog frequently, and I hope that you folks in the interwebs enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Greetings fellow kindred spirits!

  1. I tend to do this, too. Get into something hardcore, then have it fizzle out. Dolls are the one thing that has lasted for a few years now. (5, I believe). I agree with you about Blythe over Pullip. I have one, but never bonded with her like my Blythe,


    • I’m actually a little excited about how excited I am! I don’t even have a Blythe yet and I’m obsessing over them. By the way, where did you purchase or obtain your girls? I’m scouring cc toys every day and stalking the junie moon site.


      • eBay, Etsy, and there’s a doll adoption group on Facebook, that have helped feed my Blythe addiction. Some of my girls are factory customs, some of mine are Blythe that have been customized. There’s also a forum, Blythe Kingdom, that has a market place.

        For some reason, they are easy to obsess over…


  2. I love the questions you asked: “What are these dolls about?” “Who collects these dolls?” “What does one do with dolls?”

    Alas, I have no real answers, other than to the question (as you, a scant month or two later, are discovering), what does one do with dolls? ACCRUE and HOARD them! One quickly becomes… more than one. A LOT more than one, spread across several lines and scales. Ask my “one or two” Monster High figures, or my “I only need this one” Pullip, or… Bratz? I don’t even LIKE Bratz, where did these all come from?

    I also, sadly, am familiar with the propensity to become immersed in / addicted to / compulsively obsessed by a niche interest, only to have the fascination fade almost as quickly as it emerged… often trailing a wake of financial regret. Becoming enthralled by potential new hobbies and interests is a danger when perusing photo sites like Flickr and Instagram.

    Your blog is fun! I’ve read through most of it from the most current post (as of mid-April 2015) backwards to this first entry. I like the idea of basing the blog around charting the ups and downs of your current obsessions and interests.


    • Thank you for your kind words! Instagram was where I found my gateway doll: the Ever After High dolls. YouTube and Flickr kind of fanned the flames… I see how many Blythe owners have had their dolls for years and still love them, and I think (and hope) that this will be the case for me too. Seeing Finley, crocheting for her, and taking photos make me smile. I can only assume that having two blythes MUST be better … ^^


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