My Blythe Vision Board

“If you build it, she will come.”

I still don’t have a Blythe doll, but I’m constantly looking at photos of other Blythes (I actually created a yahoo account so I can browse flickr), and I’ve scoured through official photos of previous releases. I’m actually trying to be patient and I am willing to wait for a few new releases instead of trying to procure an older release that I want. I’m kind of picky… Here is my criteria:

  • The cost of the Blythe shouldn’t exceed $180 including shipping.
  • I would really love long straight hair in pink, purple, ash/cool toned brown, or coral/peach.
  • I would like her hair to have bangs or a side part.

I don’t mind so much what kind of stock clothes the doll will come with, since I will probably be making new outfits.

So far, I’ve crocheted two granny shrugs, and two hats that all should theoretically fit a Blythe. however a Blythe’s proportions are so strange that it’s kind of hard for me to imagine and then scale down patterns. I will be super sad if the things i made in advance don’t fit the doll when it comes time to dress the Blythe. Crocheting doll stuff is so much fun though!! I love projects that go fast.

Crochet Hats

These two hats actually took me a little extra time just for the ear pieces. The base of the hat maybe takes 15 minutes. 😀 I’m going to make the entire Finn the Human outfit! (Junie Moon… I need you to release some new neo blythes.)

I can already tell my friends and family are a little weirded out by my sudden new interest. They tell me I’m too old for dolls, and that it’s a waste of money, and that the dolls will just gather dust…My sort of rule of thumb is that if I want a single item strongly for more than a few weeks, I should just pull the trigger and purchase it. (Sorry family, this doll thing is happening).

Cupid braidFor some reason, Cupid’s hair is super greasy. Every time I moved her, her hair would become more and more grimy looking. I decided to pull her mane back into a fish tail braid, which looks pretty good! I need smaller hair ties though.

I’m almost certain that I’m going to repaint my Cupid’s face. She has a nice face, but it seems so generic, and I’ve seen a ton of repaint photos of EAH dolls, and Cupid can be so much prettier. Repainting doesn’t look too awful, especially since there’s slight guidelines for her eyes (drawing the eyebrows is going to suck though). I’m just waiting on my Mr. Super Clear sealant spray to come in the mail. Hopefully I don’t botch Cupid’s face and have her end up looking derpy.


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