The beginning.

I just ordered a Blythe online! I know… in my last post, I mentioned that I would wait, but i saw Cadence Majorette on “sale” (I don’t know if it’s a sale or not, but she falls well within my target price range), and then I proceeded to search for her on flickr, and although the search results were a bit sparse, she looks so lovely with her pale, pale hair. I also love that her lips are a nice coral-pink color! And her light brown eye chips are so pretty.
Cadence Majorette
I’m not the biggest fan of her stock hat and her campy accessories. I do like her dress though! It kind of looks like something I have in my closet, minus the crazy pleats and the military detail. SO EXCITED!! I can’t wait til she gets here! A minute after I pulled the trigger, I messaged the seller to get an approximate ETA.

I’m also really excited about making her some clothes and accessories… and shopping for her.

If anyone has favorite Ebay or Etsy shops, please let me know! For now, I will continue to crochet, and try my hand at felt clothes :3.


6 thoughts on “The beginning.

  1. Hooray for your first Blythe! My favorite seller on eBay is iloveblythe. Very reliable with excellent feedback. I also have ordered from Junie Moon Online and HLJ (Hobby Link Japan). I started collecting back in 2002, when the Licca body FAO Schwartz Takaras were only $60 apiece! They’ve gotten so expensive now that I’ve been sticking to the Middies and resisting the Neos. My last Neo Blythe purchase was Lorshek Molseh. Have you checked out the clones? I have a few, and they’re not bad at all!


    • I purchased the blythe on CC Toys online. I think she’s being shipped today so I hope I get her soon. I will definitely check the eBay seller you mentioned. Do you have a huge wardrobe for your blythe dolls? There are so many online shops on eBay and etsy that it’s kind of overwhelming (and some of the clothes are more expensive than my own!!)


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