My first repaint

I purchased my only doll (Cupid from Ever After High) because I thought she was a cute character, I liked her pink hair, and I really want to try repainting. I found her for $10 on Amazon and then I proceeded to purchase my tools.

  • Mr. Super Clear UV flat sealant – $18 on eBay 
  • Watercolor pencils – $30 from Michaels
  • Chalk pastels -$9 from Michaels
  • Gloss varnish – $10 at Michaels
  • Various paint brushes 
  • White acrylic pint (had at home)
  • Acetone – $2

This is her before:Mid repaint:The finished product:Sailor senshi of love!I’m not all together that happy with how she turned out. I think I did the best I physically could, but I will probably erase her face and start over. I learned a few things about myself in the process though!

  • My hands shake. BAD. I’m not sure if it’s from the pressure or if I’m getting old.
  • I am not an artist.
  • I am overly optimistic about how much better I can do at this.
  • Gloss varnish goes LAST.

I’m a little proud of how symmetrical I was able to draw her face. When I repaint her again, I will blog about it :3.


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