Crocheting in miniature – Doll clothes

There aren’t very many patterns out there for 1/6 scale dolls, and the ones out there range from adorable but super hard to make (and often the patterns cost money) or very basic and kind of frumpy…

In an effort to save some money, I’ve been trying out different free patterns I’ve found across the internet. Today’s pattern is a variation of the below:

Blythe Fashion Doll Summer Top

Difficulty Level: 2/10

It’s really not hard. The instructions are pretty straight forward.

If you are a crocheter or knitter and you don’t already have an account with Ravelry, get thee to Ravelry!


I didn’t have the right size hook or width of yarn, so I had to guess how many extra chains I needed in the beginning. Since I also wanted to make the sweater into a sweater dress, I eyeballed the decreases and increases.

Cupid crochet sweater

I’m not terribly happy with the outcome. The stitches are a bit loose (so her skin shows D:), and I kind of winged it with attaching the sleeves as well. IT WAS SO HARD TO GET HER HANDS INTO THE SLEEVES! Her fingers man.

Cupid and catCupid will live in this sweater for the next couple weeks… Only because I know that if I remove her from the sweater, she is never getting back into that sucker ever again. (And that giant creature is my most adorable cat, who loves attention and hates all things that take away from her attentions).

🙂 I may make one for my Blythe when she gets here… depending on what her hands look like.


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