Blythe Middie Deboxing – Oski tebyA lyublyU

My first middie!! And my second Blythe doll! I purchased Oski tebyA lyublyU second hand from a youtuber who was looking to rehome her, along with a few of her other dolls (mostly BJDs). I think Oski tebyA lyublyU means “Oski loves you,” … so I guess her official name is Oski? I have no clue. I actually think I might call her Pixie, Sparrow, Wren, Bryn, or Thistle (as you can see… I’m still thinking about it). The last three names are contenders, and are also the names of 3 of the 4 hipster girls in the cancelled-too-soon-ship-didn’t-sail show ‘Selfie.’ The fourth girl’s name is Eyelet (just in case anyone was wondering :D).  The size of the Blythe middie is sooo much smaller than I was expecting! This new girl seems awesomely portable and more discreet than a neo – I might try making her a carry pouch so I can take her places. Her hair is kind of frizzy and rough, so I might give it a quick wash and then a long soak in some fabric softener/water concoction. 

The middie’s hair is a warmer deeper blonde than Finley’s, and her eyes are a pretty light brown similar to one of Finley’s front facing chips. Her stock is super cute!! I absolutely love her red Mary Janes. I’m happy she came with her own white tights, since I would have bought her a pair anyway to avoid any clothes staining her legs. Her head piece is super soft and also very cute.

I’m very happy I decided to get her! 


Busy weekend is busy.

Weekends fly by so quickly that I hardly feel rested by this time each Sunday. I spent the majority of this weekend crocheting… and e-window shopping… and actual shopping.

Crocheted goods!

Crocheted goods!

These pixie hats are pretty fun to make (all three are available on my etsy store). Finley’s hair is so pale, that her hair looks almost white in these photos. I try to keep her out of direct sunlight, for fear that she will suddenly turn yellow (:( I didn’t even realize this would be a thing until I heard it mentioned in a few youtube videos and on some blogs), but her hair caught some sun and it kind of glowed light blue/purple – which I thought was pretty cool.

The gloves I whipped up last minute because my sister wanted me to teach her how to ice skate :D. I’m happy with the pattern for the gloves (which can be could be found on CreativeYarn’s blog). The pattern is a little tricky to follow, but once you figure it out, it goes fast!

I also bought a pair of hand painted eye chips for Finley from etsy. I couldn’t help myself >_<. I really don’t like her stock orange eye chips. At first I was thinking of replacing them with hand-painted (…not by my hand) grey eye chips, but I saw this very beautiful, dreamy pair of artistic chips and went with those. I may one day change Finley’s stock green eye chips with a pair of plain dark grey eye chips… or splurge and buy her another pair of hand painted ones :D.

When her new eye chips come in the mail, I think I may open up her head and do some light customizations.

  • Gaze correction – I don’t really like having to take photos from lower than her eye level to make it look like Finley is looking at my camera.
  • Lash replacement – I’m thinking of flared lashes!
  • Mattifying her face – I’m not going to sand her face down, as I don’t really have confidence that I can do a good job, and redo her face up. I think I will just give her a layer of MSC UV flat, and touch her lips up with some gloss varnish.
  • (Maybe) Lid decorating – I was thinking of a light taupe or light gold! Finley already has some brown eye shadow on her face plate – I want to put a complimenting color on her lids. Maybe glossy lids would look nice, since the rest of her face will be matte?
  • (Maybe) Sleep Eyes
  • New body – I realllllyyyy want a Sweetiiger body for Finley! I think the Takara body is cute, but a more poseable body would be nice. :-/ one day…

Or I may not open her head at all. I’m scared I might crack her face plate >_<.

Annndddd, my prize from’s Easter Egg Hunt came in the mail! The sweater Michelle knitted is super cute :3.

Blythe Life Easter Egg Hunt prize!

Blythe Life Easter Egg Hunt prize!

IMG_1169Finley only has dresses at the moment, I need to get her more separates >_<. I wish I knew how to knit!

Enablers, enablers everywhere.

One of the first things I do when I wake up is check my email, instagram, flickr, and this blog. I like to know what’s going on with my sites, and if there’s anything new.

The bad thing about this is, that for most of my sites I am in one way or another subscribed to people who have awesome doll collections. 😦 I am currently surrounded by lemmings. I didn’t originally want the middie blythe Pixie Peaceful, and I actually wasn’t completely sold on middies until recently (the middies on All The Dolls’s blog helped convinced me that I needed one). HOWEVER, a number of the people I follow on instagram started posting photos of the doll out of the box. Pixie Peaceful’s pink eyelashes actually really work with her hair and face. She looks so unique!

I really want this middie, but in my head I can’t shake the thought that for just a bit more, I can purchase a Neo Blythe (I really, really, really want Spright Beauty. really.). My blythe collection is very modest (Finley is an only child), and I just finalized the adoption of a different middie (just paid :D) – an Oski Tebya Lublyu! I couldn’t pass her up when I saw the owner was selling her :D. When she comes in the mail, I’ll post a ton of photos ^^. I will also probably give her hair a dunk, and try to style her bangs so that they sweep sideways.

Behold, my middie wishlist:


So, my sister has recently gotten really into hockey, Her favorite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins (or Pengies, as they’re referred to in our house), and their team colors are Black and Yellow… ALSO the house colors of Hufflepuff! 😀

Waffle stitch scarf

Waffle-like stitch scarf

The crocheted scarf is made completely of chains and half double crochets. You can find the pattern on ravelry under Martha Cowl Scarf.

The yarn was on clearance at Michaels, and I purchased it a few weeks ago… and honestly, I just want to be done with it. I’m not a huge fan of the color combination. I also am not so keen on how uneven the stripes are. In the photo above, I would say that my two favorite things are the crochet hook and the pattern!

I really like how flat the crochet hook is, and I think it’s awesome how short the hook is too. I have a couple of long hooks, which I find hard to use since I like having my hand close to the hook as I work. These hooks by Clover are available at Michaels.

Crocheting in miniature 3 – Pickle Winkle inspired hat

Pickle Winkle

I’ve accumulated so much yarn, that I sometimes feel unproductive if I don’t get through at least one skein in a week. I really like Pickle Winkle’s hat (how did they come up with her name??), and I thought I’d try to crochet it since it’s a pretty basic shape.


I heard you like cat ears...

I heard you like cat ears…

I might add a crescent moon on it, just for fun.

Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman two pack :D

Their hands are actually rubber banded together. Thought that was cute.

Their hands are actually rubber banded together. Thought that was cute.

I just got this set today :D.

To be honest, I’m not sure what I am going to do with Hunter Huntsman. If I repaint Ashlynn, then I would feel inclined to repaint Hunter so they match… but I don’t think I’ve seen a good Hunter Huntsman repaint. And I’m also not sure I can draw a boy’s face. Lol, his hair is so funny. He has some kind of fuzzy material on the sides of his head to mimic super short shaved hair. I didn’t realize that both sides were shaved. I originally thought that Hunter had some kind of Skrillex cut.

Today feels like a granny square kind of day.

A bad day for me is more normal than a good day. I had another awful day at work. Being the lowest ranked in my department, I’m kind of the person everyone feels like they get to push around. I got so frustrated at my life situation (I know my life could be worse), I bawled like a crazy person on my walk home from work. Ugly crying.

I was expecting one of my Etsy orders to arrive today, but when I checked the tracking in the middle of the day, there was a notice on the USPS website saying that they could not deliver the package and that it would be sent back to the sender… ALL THE WAY IN THAILAND. Thankfully, I managed to pick up my package, which contained this adorable Alice in Wonderland inspired dress and apron. It came with a long black ribbon, but I was having difficulties tying it onto Finley’s head.

Little Alice and Toto

Instant mood lifter. Amirite? The outfit above is from BlytheBerryGirl’s Etsy store.

… I was so upset, I actually ended up making a new order on Etsy for two beautiful dresses.

Finley is in desperate need of some more shoes and stockings (i prefer stockings over socks). If anyone has recommendations of favorite Etsy or Ebay stores for these items, please let me know! :3

Now I’m off to crochet a ton of granny squares out of the leftover yarn skeins I have. One day, I will have a rainbow granny square crocheted blanket. It will be both ugly and glorious.

Giving Finley some charm

My first foray into customizing (not really, lol) – I charmed up Finley’s pull string! I decided to make my own pull charm, since I wasn’t having much luck finding a nice one at my nearby bead or craft stores. I wanted a white cat charm for Finley, a miniature sparrow (3d, and not a silhouette), a white maneki neko, or maybe an Adventure Time themed charm. I purchase some beads for the pull string, and I got working on crocheting a miniature amigurumi for the charm.




The pull string.

😀 😀 😀 The amigurumi cat came out a LOT bigger than I thought it would… I almost didn’t attach it to the pull string it is so big. It kind of looks like Finley has a pet for a pull charm… which actually is kind of cute.

Finley and her cat

Finley and her cat

The cat is shyer than Finley.

The cat is shyer than Finley.



Silly cat.

Silly cat.

I see on a bunch of other dolly blogs that doll owners will give their dolls a backstory or develop a unique personality for them. This is something that’s slowly coming together for me :D. On the same subject, I really enjoy this post on one of the blogs I follow, where the blogger introduces each one of her girls.

By the way, the outfit that Finley is wearing is all brand new! I just got one of my clothing orders in the mail today. The shoes, stockings, and sweatshirt is from Coolcat-coolcat’s Ebay store. Everything I bought was very affordable. Dolly mail is so much fun!

As of now, I’m waiting for 4 more packages – two of which contain more doll clothes (… I need them!).

WiP: Amigurumi Cat charm


I’m almost done- I just need to make the kitty’s appendages. This will most likely hang this on Finley’s pull string. :3 I purchased some pretty beads at Michaels and Toho Shoji that I’m excited to coordinate. Lol, the cat’s mouth also kind of looks like a mustache if you stare at it too long…

I really love this cotton yarn! It’s soft and feels nice to crochet with. It’s on the more expensive (for me) end, retailing at $5 and change, but Michaels was having a 50% off one regular price item deal, so I convinced my entire family that we needed to go shopping and also stop by Michaels on the way :D. 

I originally was looking into a pull charm made of polymer clay (which I would probably purchase from etsy, rather than attempt to make one myself… I have too many crafty hobbies as it is at the moment.), but I was having trouble finding one that was both cute and the right size.

As for adding charms to pull strings, this is probably super obvious, but I just untie the end of the string tied to the pull ring and then add beads and what not, right? I don’t want to open up Finley’s head just yet, but if that’s the best way to go about doing this than I shall perform the surgery.

Before I go, some random thoughts:

  • Dear USPS – what are you doing with my packages??? My parcel arrived into my state, and then left only to show up two states away on tracking. I don’t even.
  • I may attempt a blog a day or a Blythe a day challenge.
  • Pixie Peaceful middie is so cute :(. What to do… 
  • I can’t wait for the weekend. 

(Other) Things that catch my eye

  • Jetoy Choo Choo everything

I love cats. I love things with cats on them.

I really like Jetoy Choo Choo artwork and merchandise. I don’t own anything with these characters (yet), but I plan on making an order soon. The photo below was my inspiration for the Blythe sized red cat crocheted hat I made. I found the below kitty in a google image search.

The inspiration - Jetoy Choo Choo

The inspiration – Jetoy Choo Choo

The result

The result

  • Human crocheted goods that I can miniaturize.
More crocheting.

More crocheting.

I’m especially addicted to crocheting Blythe hats! Having Finley definitely encourages me to crochet more. There’s something so satisfying with making small, cute items that look adorable on Finley.

  • Jerryberry dolls

These have a way different aesthetic than the Blythe dolls. They are from a Korean company, and made to order, with hand painted faces. From what I’ve seen of people’s dolls on the Internet, they look super expressive in their photos (their faces and eyes look so soft). Plus I think clothes made in Blythe proportion would fit the jerryberry dolls! The basic doll is about $172, and the company comes out with limited edition dolls every so often (these are priced over $300).

  • Limited edition items

I have a problem when it comes to limited edition goods. I kind of lose myself in the limited edition frenzy. I can’t help it. Something about not being able to purchase something later, and avidly waiting for the product to release, and being one of the first to get something is so exciting to me. This used to be so bad with makeup, especially with MAC stuff when I first started out with the makeup hobby. That’s how they get you. That’s why the idea of not getting sprite beauty is kind of itching at my brain.