Things that keep me awake at night

Unfinished projects. 

Anything I leave unfinished actually really bothers me, and will always occupy some part of my brain. Even with my crocheting, I can’t help but think about how I will use a half of a skein of yarn. The too-small-to-make-anything but too-substantial-to-toss ball of yarn becomes uncharacteristically heavy. 

This is why I am awake at this late hour (I wrote this up a little past 1AM and have it scheduled for posting later). I just finished a project that took me a month to complete! The pattern wasn’t difficult; it just called for more materials than I’m used to and some finicky assembly.   


This is her after I’ve attached all her limbs. 

The pattern is available on Ravelry and on the original author’s blog: By Hook, By Hand. The pattern is very easy to follow and the author even has a wig tutorial for the doll.   

My kitty was half asleep when I started using her as a model.  Pardon the dolly nudity!

Things I learned while making Bleuette:

  • How to make a wig cap and wig: I may actually rewig my doll. I started to weave in each strand, but her hair started getting WAY too thick as I worked my way in to the center of the scalp. I ended up just weaving in strands of yarn wherever I thought her baldness would be too noticeable. My doll has thick hair near the hair line and sparse up top. Woops (it’s actually not that noticeable since her scalp is the color of her hair.)
  • How to make a French knot: the lip is made with a French knot. I think it looks cute!

This particular doll is pretty neat because she’s sort of jointed. All in all, I would recommend making her if you are looking for a cute doll to crochet.  

Bleuette needs a name… and clothes.



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