The Scientific Art of Naming

I’ve decided on a name.

I actually mulled the possible names over while I was waiting for my Blythe to arrive in the mail. Since I knew Cadence’s color palette was mostly white/egg-shell and melon colored pink on her cheeks and lips, I started by looking up names that mean “white” (I’m simple like that). I also looked up names of flowers since I’m partial to floral names.  After seeing Cadence Majorette in person, I was able to further narrow down my list of contenders. I started googling the meanings of the names I picked out, and famous people who have or have had the names on my list… which led me to google “Famous Finley”. The second hit was an entry from Urban Dictionary that I was almost afraid to read (for fear that it might ruin the name for me), but what happened was actually kind of magical:

Famous Finley

The name is perfect. The root of the name means Fair Haired Warrior/Hero (this definition is not from Urban Dictionary :D. I’m setting the scene). Cadence’s stock is military themed, and she has almost white hair. I love Adventure Time (hence that Finn the Human hat I made for my Blythe). Finally, I have this almost-narcoleptic propensity of falling asleep when I’m very bored or very tired. I remember in college, almost falling asleep while standing (this was at a popular lecture, so there were no seats left).

So, Hello Finley! You and I shall have many dorky adventures together, and I shall spoil you!

Now all I need is one of my friends to share this doll obsession with me so that we can go on photo expeditions. I also need to clean my room, as I am accumulating an obscene amount of clutter and I have no where to really display Finley. Right now, she’s wrapped in a clean, old tshirt of mine, sitting on one of my shelves. ^^ She is also wearing the sweater dress I just finished crocheting for her! No socks or shoes though, as her stock socks are currently drying from the vinegar/water dip and wash I gave it.

Just chilling

Just chilling

Ugh. I love her lip and cheek color. Those front facing chips are also my favorite out of the four she has.

Also, Finley seriously needs more clothes.


3 thoughts on “The Scientific Art of Naming

    • Thank you!! and I did wash her hair! After the shampoo and conditioner, her hair is a lot cleaner (not weirdly greasy). The hot water did help straighten her hair somewhat, but it’s still kind of crimped on the sides. The next time I give her hair a wash, I might finish it with a short soak in some water with fabric softener. I cut her bangs too! They look a lot less wonky now, but I was so nervous I would cut too much.

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      • You did fine on her bangs, they look good. There is the ironing, where you put her hair between a damp cloth and an iron. The instructions are on that hair wash tutorial I sent the link to.


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