Fighting in the morning

I guess I have this problem where I need justification to make big purchases. Or approval maybe? So I made the big mistake of sharing with my mom the fact that I will most likely purchase another Blythe.

   Big mistake. (For backstory, I (28 years old) live with my parents, as does my younger sister. I really don’t have an intention to move out until I find a new job that relocates me to the west coast.).  My mom got all upset when I brought my doll hobby up, saying that I should be saving money and thinking about my future. I have crazy Asian parents, stereotypically unforgiving, critical, and always struggling with denial. 

It’s hard to hold onto positivity when I’m living with negative parents. I find it insanely sad that a lot of emotional and psychological problems stem from a person’s relationship with his or her parents. But the years of struggling with my own issues has sort of taught me to be kinder to myself.  For every few critical things that are said to me that hurt me, I force myself to think of one positive – because it’s just too easy to also be hard on myself. 

I understand the point that my mom and dad were trying to make this morning (a blow on my age, the fact that I’m living at home and kind of a mooch, and I’m not married, and I’ve developed this doll hobby in the past two months). But I also understand myself that there are a lot worse things I could be into at my age than dolls. 

I should probably look into moving out sooner, but that doesn’t fit into my 2-3 year plan, as unfair as that is to my parents for me to live with them I guess. 

ANYWAY, the two promotional pics of the blythes above are from the Junie moon site (Japanese site). I got SO FREAKING EXCITED when I saw Spright Beauty!! I was eyeing Pixie Peaceful (the middie), but I hesitated at the thought of accumulating two different size wardrobes. I really want a pink haired blythe. I even have the perfect name for one! I was contemplating getting a factory girl, but I’m not confident I can make her look like I want.  The second photo is a (tentative?) photo of the My Melody blythe. I love her color palette too, but I want to get a blythe with a different hair style than Finley.

 I miss my furbaby. And I can already tell today is going to be a long day.


8 thoughts on “Fighting in the morning

    • I’m constantly checking the japanese junie moon site to see if they have any updates on the Sprite Beauty and My Melody blythes! I’m so excited to see more concrete photos. Also, I’ve taken to not talking about dolls to my family anymore :-/.


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