Doll mail and some unexpected shopping :D

After completely underestimating how hard it is for me to sew clothes for Finley, I made a couple of orders on Etsy and Ebay for some basic doll clothes. My order from MissFreyaJ’s Etsy shop arrived in the mail today! I ordered two simple dresses with cute patterned fabric for Finley. They have velcro on the back, and they’re finished very well. I’m very happy with my purchase, so much so I had to drop everything and get Finley into her new dress.

Dresses from MissFreyaJ's Etsy store

Dresses from MissFreyaJ’s Etsy store

Finley in her new dress and hat

Finley in her new dress and hat

I need more socks and stockings for her :-/. The hat I actually crocheted yesterday, and I’m quite happy with how it came out! The cotton yarn that I used for the hat is the same color as her pull ring, which I found pretty cute. The ears are poseable, as I used some wire to make them stiff and adjustable. :3 It’s raining outside today, but I can’t wait to go out to a nearby park and take some photos of Finley surrounded by nature. Whenever I try taking photos at home, this is what happens:

My cat being a jerk. I still love her though.

My cat being a jerk. I still love her though.

Since I have the day off today, I decided to walk about 4 miles to my vet’s office to pick up a prescription. On the way, there’s a Michaels, so I made an impromptu shopping trip :3. Michaels always has sales and coupons, so I actually left the store with more than I thought I would buy…

My Michaels haul

My Michaels haul

I found a miniature camera for scrapbooking. It’s kind of heavy, but it looked like it would be really cute as a prop. I bought the little picture frames for the same reason. The little bird makeup bags were only 3 dollars all together, so why not? And as for the beads, I am planning on decorating Finley’s pull string with them. I still need a cute pull charm,  but I’m having a hard time finding something that would be perfect. I was thinking of something along the lines of a white cat, or a charm of Finn, Fionna, Cake, or Jake from Adventure Time. A delicate looking sword would work too, or maybe even a shield with a coat of arms that has cats on it (can you tell I really love cats?).

Before I leave, just one more photo of Finley for good measure!



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