(Other) Things that catch my eye

  • Jetoy Choo Choo everything

I love cats. I love things with cats on them.

I really like Jetoy Choo Choo artwork and merchandise. I don’t own anything with these characters (yet), but I plan on making an order soon. The photo below was my inspiration for the Blythe sized red cat crocheted hat I made. I found the below kitty in a google image search.

The inspiration - Jetoy Choo Choo

The inspiration – Jetoy Choo Choo

The result

The result

  • Human crocheted goods that I can miniaturize.
More crocheting.

More crocheting.

I’m especially addicted to crocheting Blythe hats! Having Finley definitely encourages me to crochet more. There’s something so satisfying with making small, cute items that look adorable on Finley.

  • Jerryberry dolls

These have a way different aesthetic than the Blythe dolls. They are from a Korean company, and made to order, with hand painted faces. From what I’ve seen of people’s dolls on the Internet, they look super expressive in their photos (their faces and eyes look so soft). Plus I think clothes made in Blythe proportion would fit the jerryberry dolls! The basic doll is about $172, and the company comes out with limited edition dolls every so often (these are priced over $300).

  • Limited edition items

I have a problem when it comes to limited edition goods. I kind of lose myself in the limited edition frenzy. I can’t help it. Something about not being able to purchase something later, and avidly waiting for the product to release, and being one of the first to get something is so exciting to me. This used to be so bad with makeup, especially with MAC stuff when I first started out with the makeup hobby. That’s how they get you. That’s why the idea of not getting sprite beauty is kind of itching at my brain.


3 thoughts on “(Other) Things that catch my eye

  1. I also have a limited edition problem… 😀 Sprite Beauty is growing on me! I had a make up hobby once too, but I’m a lot better now, don’t need all the new releases, and Pullip’s tend to be slightly more forgiving than Blythe’s with editions.


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