Today feels like a granny square kind of day.

A bad day for me is more normal than a good day. I had another awful day at work. Being the lowest ranked in my department, I’m kind of the person everyone feels like they get to push around. I got so frustrated at my life situation (I know my life could be worse), I bawled like a crazy person on my walk home from work. Ugly crying.

I was expecting one of my Etsy orders to arrive today, but when I checked the tracking in the middle of the day, there was a notice on the USPS website saying that they could not deliver the package and that it would be sent back to the sender… ALL THE WAY IN THAILAND. Thankfully, I managed to pick up my package, which contained this adorable Alice in Wonderland inspired dress and apron. It came with a long black ribbon, but I was having difficulties tying it onto Finley’s head.

Little Alice and Toto

Instant mood lifter. Amirite? The outfit above is from BlytheBerryGirl’s Etsy store.

… I was so upset, I actually ended up making a new order on Etsy for two beautiful dresses.

Finley is in desperate need of some more shoes and stockings (i prefer stockings over socks). If anyone has recommendations of favorite Etsy or Ebay stores for these items, please let me know! :3

Now I’m off to crochet a ton of granny squares out of the leftover yarn skeins I have. One day, I will have a rainbow granny square crocheted blanket. It will be both ugly and glorious.


3 thoughts on “Today feels like a granny square kind of day.

    • There’s construction going on in front of my house!! So they marked as undeliverable :(. I’m expecting two more things in the mail, so I asked my dad to be on the lookout for the mailman. They should atleast offer to hold mail or packages at the post office for pickup for a week or something!


      • UGH that stinks! Yeah, the should hold it for a week or something. Every time I get a package that can’t be delivered, due to signature being required, they hold it at the P.O. with a return by date, which is usually like 3 weeks or something. Not immediately! That’s awful!!


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