Crocheting in miniature 3 – Pickle Winkle inspired hat

Pickle Winkle

I’ve accumulated so much yarn, that I sometimes feel unproductive if I don’t get through at least one skein in a week. I really like Pickle Winkle’s hat (how did they come up with her name??), and I thought I’d try to crochet it since it’s a pretty basic shape.


I heard you like cat ears...

I heard you like cat ears…

I might add a crescent moon on it, just for fun.

7 thoughts on “Crocheting in miniature 3 – Pickle Winkle inspired hat

    • Thank you! I gave it another go yesterday and fine tuned the pattern πŸ˜€ I wish there were more Blythe clothes patterns out there, since I’m not that great at winging it.


      • There are some excellent books on doll clothing and accessories but they are in Japanese – the pictures though are really clear. I picked up a few from HLJ at around $8-15 each! (The yen is great for international buyers right now)


      • πŸ˜€ I have a few of the Doll Coordinate books myself. I’m awful at sewing though. Also, your posts of the noodle named girls have kind of added to my wanting a smaller sized doll. I can totally see myself carrying around a doll in my purse as a regular thing though, which I think my friends might object to.

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      • The smaller girls are really great! I don’t like buying a different set of clothes for them though as two wardrobes is a bit too much so they always wear oversized Blythe dresses…. which makes them seem all the cuter!

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