So, my sister has recently gotten really into hockey, Her favorite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins (or Pengies, as they’re referred to in our house), and their team colors are Black and Yellow… ALSO the house colors of Hufflepuff! 😀

Waffle stitch scarf

Waffle-like stitch scarf

The crocheted scarf is made completely of chains and half double crochets. You can find the pattern on ravelry under Martha Cowl Scarf.

The yarn was on clearance at Michaels, and I purchased it a few weeks ago… and honestly, I just want to be done with it. I’m not a huge fan of the color combination. I also am not so keen on how uneven the stripes are. In the photo above, I would say that my two favorite things are the crochet hook and the pattern!

I really like how flat the crochet hook is, and I think it’s awesome how short the hook is too. I have a couple of long hooks, which I find hard to use since I like having my hand close to the hook as I work. These hooks by Clover are available at Michaels.


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