Busy weekend is busy.

Weekends fly by so quickly that I hardly feel rested by this time each Sunday. I spent the majority of this weekend crocheting… and e-window shopping… and actual shopping.

Crocheted goods!

Crocheted goods!

These pixie hats are pretty fun to make (all three are available on my etsy store). Finley’s hair is so pale, that her hair looks almost white in these photos. I try to keep her out of direct sunlight, for fear that she will suddenly turn yellow (:( I didn’t even realize this would be a thing until I heard it mentioned in a few youtube videos and on some blogs), but her hair caught some sun and it kind of glowed light blue/purple – which I thought was pretty cool.

The gloves I whipped up last minute because my sister wanted me to teach her how to ice skate :D. I’m happy with the pattern for the gloves (which can be could be found on CreativeYarn’s blog). The pattern is a little tricky to follow, but once you figure it out, it goes fast!

I also bought a pair of hand painted eye chips for Finley from etsy. I couldn’t help myself >_<. I really don’t like her stock orange eye chips. At first I was thinking of replacing them with hand-painted (…not by my hand) grey eye chips, but I saw this very beautiful, dreamy pair of artistic chips and went with those. I may one day change Finley’s stock green eye chips with a pair of plain dark grey eye chips… or splurge and buy her another pair of hand painted ones :D.

When her new eye chips come in the mail, I think I may open up her head and do some light customizations.

  • Gaze correction – I don’t really like having to take photos from lower than her eye level to make it look like Finley is looking at my camera.
  • Lash replacement – I’m thinking of flared lashes!
  • Mattifying her face – I’m not going to sand her face down, as I don’t really have confidence that I can do a good job, and redo her face up. I think I will just give her a layer of MSC UV flat, and touch her lips up with some gloss varnish.
  • (Maybe) Lid decorating – I was thinking of a light taupe or light gold! Finley already has some brown eye shadow on her face plate – I want to put a complimenting color on her lids. Maybe glossy lids would look nice, since the rest of her face will be matte?
  • (Maybe) Sleep Eyes
  • New body – I realllllyyyy want a Sweetiiger body for Finley! I think the Takara body is cute, but a more poseable body would be nice. :-/ one day…

Or I may not open her head at all. I’m scared I might crack her face plate >_<.

Annndddd, my prize from BlytheLife.com’s Easter Egg Hunt came in the mail! The sweater Michelle knitted is super cute :3.

Blythe Life Easter Egg Hunt prize!

Blythe Life Easter Egg Hunt prize!

IMG_1169Finley only has dresses at the moment, I need to get her more separates >_<. I wish I knew how to knit!

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