It would be easy, They said. – I changed Finley’s eye chips.

Ok, no one really said that customizing a Blythe would be easy, but all the blogs and youtube videos at least made changing eye chips look simple!

The concept and technique are easy enough. I referred to the tutorials on Blythe Life and Jaszmade re: changing the eye chips. Finley came with standard orange chips that I really did not like, and never displayed. I ordered a pair of hand painted eye chips on Musaenfuga’s Etsy store about a month ago (damn you, USPS International Sorting Center), and they finally came in yesterday. So, I ran to Michaels and bought the last two tools I needed before I set to working on switching her orange chips out for the beautiful hand painted ones.


The tools and the stubborn orange eye chips. I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue (water soluble), scissors, a candle, Ardell lashes, tape, matches, tweezers, and glue sticks.

I swear, when they made my particular Cadence Majorette, they must have used a heavy hand on the glue. Those orange suckers did NOT want to budge. I sat at my desk for almost an hour of melting the glue stick, holding the glue stick onto the eye chip, waiting 5-10 minutes for the glue to dry, and twisting… only to have the glue stick just effortlessly slide off the eye chip. I almost gave up. Here are a few things I learned from my (pretty dang awful) experience:

  • The end of the glue stick should be pretty melty before you stick it onto the eye chip. When you press the glue stick down, the tip should kind of smoosh and spread to cover most of the eye chip.
  • I found that working with a shorter glue stick was easier (I didn’t find this out by choice. I had to keep trimming the end off after each failed attempt). A shorter glue stick was less likely to unstick from the eye chip due to its own weight.
  • After sticking the glue stick onto the eye chip, you should hold the glue stick in place for about 45 seconds.
  • When luck is not on your side, stick your Blythe doll in the freezer. I was desperate by the time I decided to do this. I had my Blythe in the freezer for about 5 minutes before I took her out and successfully pulled the eye chips out.
Stuff of nightmares.

Stuff of nightmares.

I ordered a pair of dark grey eye chips from ebay (currently stuck in a USPS ISC… -__-)… I’m planning on replacing her standard side facing green eye chips with the grey ones. Hopefully, the next time will be painless. i might just put her straight in the freezer from the get-go.

I also changed her eyelashes after I installed her new chips. Her original stock lashes were super jacked up by the tape I used to keep them out of the way of the glue sticks. The stock eyelash removal was also a huge pain. I bought Finley’s new eyelashes from CVS (drugstore). I wanted something with a bit of flare, and these Ardell lashes suited me fine.


I wish I had a good photo of Finley with the orange eye chips, but the only one I could find was this one (I really did not like those chips):

My girls

Her new hand-painted chips are super pretty. They make Finley look dreamy, and magical, and her eyes glow when the light hits them. I’m really happy with them, and seeing how nice they look on Finley is almost enough reward for me for the amount of time this whole process took. ^^ I’m also happy with her new lashes. The flare at the ends have a sort of cat eye effect. I’m going to try my best to preserve these lashes come the time I change her green eye chips.

I am exhausted.

My Evolving Wishlist and Current Mail Call

Nowadays, I use the website to keep track of what I currently want. It kind of works like Pinterest, where you can “add to Wishlist” using a button you can save on your bookmarks bar.

  1. A pink haired blythe – Stella Savannah, Prima Dolly Peach, Prima Dolly Peony, Coco Colette.
    I think my next blythe doll will be a pink haired girl. i will most likely wait for the next release to come out, rather than scouring eBay for a decent deal. I do have my eye on the My Melody blythe coming out later this year, though I wonder how bright that pink hair is. In the initial photos, My Melody has shockingly bright pink hair (almost neon). She also looked a LOT like Penny Precious.
  2. Cat Themed Jewelry
    This one is a bit random. I think my Etsy front page recommended this item to me :D. Even Etsy knows I am a cat lady.
    Would love this in gold rather than silver.
  3. Dear Mine Siamy
    I recently purchased a Dear Mine Dorothy from eBay (I named her Potpourri :3). I think one day I will also purchase Siamy! She has really sultry looking angled eyes (the Dorothy model has rounder eyes). … What I would love even more is a limited edition Dear Mine Pet Cat doll!
  4. A pink mohair or alpaca wig for my Dearmine anthro Potpourri… also clothes. Lots and lots of clothes.
  5. A Babycatface custom blythe
    I follow this artist on flickr, and I was quite taken by one this person’s recent customs for adoption, Olive (name twin!).
    This is Olive
    I’m not sure if I’ll ever own one of these girls, as $800-1K is kind of (wayyyyy out) of my price range. I just really love how the lips are carved, and the amount of detail work that went into the doll. This particular custom is a beauty to behold from far away and up close. /SIGH.
    RANDOM NOTE: I noticed that I’m not particularly huge on eyebrows on blythe dolls! I think it has to do with the fact that the official releases don’t come with brows.
  6. More Middies!! – i’m not picky. i just need MOAR.
  7. More Blythe Clothes – I have so many listings favorited on Etsy.

Mail Call!

Yes… I did some damage over the weekend. XD

My Yeolume Podo!

Meet another addition to my doll collection – a Yeolume Podo! It took about one full day for me to realize that Yeolume is Korean for “summer.” “Podo” means grape ^^. Yeolume is the future daughter of Pullip (like Chibi-usa to Sailormoon… Right?)

The first time I saw this doll was on Les Jeunette’s blog. She has customized her Yeolume, and I’m considering doing the same but I lack the confidence of doing a better job than her current faceup.    I have, however, redressed her! Her shoes totally don’t match, but I was delighted when the Lambellina Ever After High Sweater fit!

My thoughts on this particular doll:

Yeolume’s wig is top notch- it is SUPER soft and very cutely curled at the bottom. I really like her school girl stock as well. Everything but the blazer has Velcro as a closure. Her stock is also very well made (that headband though… Will not stay on her head for anything). Her eyes move left to right like a middie, but instead of a dial, there is a switch. Ummmm… I’m not a big fan of the feel of the doll. Her joints are way too loose so everything swivels far too easily. She also doesn’t give off an expensive feel.

Yeolume is a cute doll! Not sure yet if I will name her.

My first BJD – meet Potpourri!

Ugh I love her so much.

My first bjd! DearMine Dorothy

My first bjd! DearMine Dorothy

My first bjd! DearMine Dorothy

Meet Potpourri (…PopPURRY =^_^=). She is a DearMine Basic Pet Dorothy doll.

This actually all started with me looking at Bryn and thinking… what would be more convenient than a Middie to carry around in my bag? I immediately thought Hujoo Nano Freya, as I’ve seen a good number of reviews on youtube and on some blogs. The Hujoo Nano Freyas were cheap, they seemed low maintenance (they’re cats… they don’t really need wigs if I choose not to buy one), and I could experiment with face-ups without worrying too much about messing anything up. They are also so very wee.

I was not a fan of the size and the distance between the ears though… nor was I crazy about the eye shape. I don’t know… it’s the little things that bother me! These tiny details I don’t particularly like, that I can get over I’m sure, but leave me feeling “eh” about the doll.

I started googling other anthro cat bjds, and there are a ton! I actually bookmarked the Dika Doll’s cat anthro, Lutz zuzu delf, Aimerai anthros (I don’t think these are even out yet), and the Dollzone Miss Kitty, along with almost all of the DearMine anthros.

My first bjd! DearMine Dorothy

I saw this girl on ebay at a really good price (the doll would be second hand and a little over a year old), and I made an offer… and my offer was accepted!!! I guess Potpourri was kind of an impulse buy (I love good deals).

I kind of love her dark burgundy eyes, and her face-up is so colorful! I think I will be getting her a light pink mohair wig and some clothes from the Dearmine website (:( I shudder to think how long shipping will take). The only thing I have that will fit her is that white sweatshirt dress I got for Finley.

And after all this… I don’t think I’ll ever tote her around. Potpourri is now the most expensive doll I own.

Shoes, glorious shoes!

I received my order for two pairs of shoes from Qmagicdoll’s Etsy Shop.

Qmagicdoll shoes!

They came packaged in little boxes, and very well wrapped 😀 (the post-it note was a freebie). They are SO cute!

Finley's first outing

I bought them because Finley’s stock shoes and the brown boots I bought from Coolcat, didn’t really go well with a few of the dresses I purchased. In the photo above, Finley is wearing a dress from Kuloft’s Etsy store. It is very, very gorgeous. The sewing is very well done, and there is velcro on the back. I actually tried this dress on Finley as soon as I got it, back when she was on her original body. It had fit the Takara body fine, but it was more snug on the original body than it is on her current sweetiiger body (just FYI).

I think… I would purchase shoes from this store again. The little straps actually unstrap so that they don’t get in the way of the doll’s foot. However, because I switched out Finley’s body, the shoes are REALLY snug on her Sweetiiger body. I haven’t tried the shoes on a Takara body yet, but I plan to (sooner if anyone is curious how they fit on a takara body, later if I get a new blythe soon).

Finley's first outing

I’m not sure if you can see in any of the photos above, but I kind of smooshed her feet into the shoes. They’re still crazy cute though, and I would actually love both pairs in a women’s size 7.

The Sweetiiger Body – initial thoughts and some photos

I purchased the Sweetiiger body from etsy, as well as the set A hands. There are two different chest types, the chest A and the chest B… The difference being that chest A is “painted.”  

strategically placed black bar for anyone not a fan of doll nudity.


Finley is naked. She doesn’t care.

The “chest painting” isn’t very impressive, since it only consists of a bright pink paint, easily done at home. This body is matte, unlike her original Takara body. The biggest and most obvious difference would be that this body is jointed. The one thing I would say is a drawback to this is that Finley is a bit more unstable, and apt to bending forward or backward because of her loose hips (and the weight of her big ol’ head).

This body is curvier and more more defined than her original Takara body, so I’m curious to see how all of her clothes will look on her now. The only outfit I’ve tried on her is her white sweater dress, since she is currently drying off. I think the more mature body suits her!

Small complaint – the body I bought wasn’t completely pristine. There were blue ink like marks and some spots that looked dirty. I got most of it off, so that’s a relief.

I can’t wait to try photographing her! 

Dreams dashed :(

*dramatic pause*

*not so dramatic unpause*

I received the Sweetiiger body today in the mail. I purchased this replacement body from DollWigDIY’s etsy store because I wanted Finley to have a more animated body – a body with more potential for posing than her current Takara body. I first found out about this Pure Neemo alternative on the blog All The Dolls, and later I found a blythe owner on Flickr who compares the Pure Neemo Flection body to the Sweetiiger body.

I ordered the body, and waited 2 weeks for it to get to me (which is not bad considering the item was coming from Asia).

The good news: I got the new body on Finley.

The bad news: I couldn’t get her head completely open. One side of her head seemed to be completely melded with the scalp. Even after about 20 minutes of prying with my fingers and with the help of a screwdriver (… gently…), I couldn’t get either front or back face plate off of the rubbery scalp bit on the left side of her head. 😦 I even scratched one of Finley’s chips (it’s just the stock green, thank god it wasn’t the special brown chips). I am still waiting on my hand painted chips to get to me, but when they do I will change the green stock chips instead of the orange ones – WITHOUT opening her head I might add… just in case I forget what an awful time I had this time around. Side note – I also saw that her pull string was fraying inside her head!! I am in serious trouble should the thing snap, since I can’t manage to open her up. I found this tutorial on Blythe Life that explains how to change the pull cord without opening the doll’s head, so I guess I’ll give that a go if her current string snaps.

So much promise.

So much promise. Also, watching a tutorial by MissFreyaJ.

I’m pretty disappointed because I wanted to paint her eye lids and give her a gaze lift. All I ended up doing was switching out her body, spraying 2 layers of MSC UV flat on her front face plate, and SCRATCHING HER EYE CHIP :(. … I’m okay.

I gave her hair a 10 minute soak in some water with fabric softener (I was so out of it at this point that I accidentally got water in her head through the small hole in the back where the spring is).

Not my day.



Finley looks good though! I really like her matte face, and her new body is kind of hilarious. She’s back in her lounge wear while her hair (and the inside of her head hopefully) dries. I’ll post up photos of Finley’s new body tomorrow ^^.

Finding a fellow Blythe fan IRL

I just recently found out that one of my coworkers is also a blythe aficionado! The conversation sort of went like this: 

Me: I wish I could go to blythecon. It’s being held in Chicago this year in October. (I mentioned this as we had talked about conventions in general earlier).

Her: You like blythe?

Me: You know what blythe dolls are?

Her: I love blythe dolls!

Me: Did we just become best friends?

I’m just kidding. That’s not how the conversation went (yay for random Charlie Bradbury reference!), but we were both really surprised that we shared the same blythe doll interest. She has 2 neo blythe dolls, one of which includes a Bianca Pearl! She seemed mildly interested in going to any potential dolly meets and maybe even venturing out together to a park to do a photo shoot.. Neither of us have IRL doll friends, and we both agreed that it’s kind of crazy that the first doll lover we encountered in person was at work. 

It’s actually kind of heartening to find out that someone I know has the same niche interest as I. I don’t have very many people who I can talk to about blythes or dolls in general (I can definitely count them on one hand), and it’s exciting to be able to gush about dolls with someone out loud (gush, squee, whateva, whateva). My coworker and my initial conversations were more like long-run-on-sentences-with-no-pauses-between-words-and-punctuated-with-OMG’s-we-were-that-excited.

^^ Anyway, I hope everyone else is having a good Monday!