Fun with Applique

So I am on an applique kick right now!

I’m so tempted to bedazzle everything I make with little flowers and animal applique…


Middie Pixie Hats!

I am not a fan of working with such thin material when crocheting though. The dress above is made from crochet thread, so it takes forever to make, and the loops are so dang small. I like that it looks pretty to scale for a blythe doll though!

[Random thought: I love crocheting with super bulky yarn. Imagine how big a blythe doll would have to be in order for the super bulky yarn to look to scale XD.]

I really, really love the yarn I made the middie hat out of though! I recommend it a lot. The brand is called Cotton Fair, and I bought my 3 skeins at Michaels for about $3 dollars each (they retail for $5 each but Michaels always has coupons). The yarn is so soft, and easy to work with. The finished hat is super soft as well, and kind of feels luxe. I prefer the cotton yarn over acrylic because  acrylic yarn tends to get a little fuzzy the more you handle it.

I’ve also been doing quite a bit of online shopping recently on ebay and etsy. I’m waiting for a bunch of dolly clothes, two pairs of shoes, and some modding stuff in the mail. Part of me feels like, “Man, I can buy a whole new doll with what I’ve spent,” but the other part (the enabling, rationalizing part) of me says “I will probably buy these things at one point or another. Clothing and shoes help me enjoy the doll I already have, and it’s not like I can cobble my own shoes or sew. Plus, this is my hobby, and hobbies are by nature expensive.”

Excited for Packages Olive – 1, Buyer’s Remorse Ridden Olive – 0

I bought some gorgeous dresses from Kuloft that came in the mail a couple of days ago. I am blown away by how beautiful the dresses are (I will post photos once I get some more stuff in the mail. I kind of want to do a haul post!). HOWEVER, Finley only has 3 pairs of shoes. She has her stock black ankle boots, a pair of really bulky tan colored boots (they are almost comically big), and a pair of pink converses (Simply Guava stock shoes).

[Side bar – I just received the Simply Guava stock set. Are her overalls supposed to be that tight fitting on a Blythe? Her pink shoes were also kind of sticky and gross smelling (Yes… I smelled the shoes). I actually wouldn’t be terribly put off if the stock was fake, because I bought it for fairly cheap on Ebay.]

None of the shoes go with the two dresses I purchased, and that bothers me. So, I ordered 2 pairs of shoes :D.

Anyway, I always get excited by other people’s doll related hauls. Hopefully, I will have mine up in the next week or so.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

5 thoughts on “Fun with Applique

    • XD I started first with ever after high dolls (my gateway doll), then I rationalized with myself until blythe dolls didn’t seem too bad in price (especially comparing to bjds!). I would join Dolly Adoption on Facebook and keep an eye out on eBay (with caution on both sites). Orr you can also subtly hint to friends and family that gifts henceforth should be dolls or doll funds (I’m not so subtle lol).

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