The dangers of a collection based hobby

Just this morning, I was browsing eBay and I stumbled upon an Azone doll (NRFB) for a very good deal. I haven’t really considered owning an azone doll for a few reasons, the most important being that I kind of like things being matchy matchy. It would never just stop at ONE Azone doll.

One of my fears is that I’ll get swept up in a self-induced frenzy, with uninhibited purchases of dolls and doll clothing and accessories. Once the storm that is doll mania has passed over my highly impressionable, shopaholic self, I may be left with a tiny village of dolls in my room, all of which aren’t being displayed properly because my living space is small. Another scenario would be that I have to hide all of my dolls in my closet, because my family is judgmental and loud about what they think about my new hobby. Think Helga from Hey Arnold, and her bubblegum shrine in her closet. Except I’m Helga, and the shrine is a bunch of dolls.

My worries aren’t unfounded though. Let me present to you: Exhibit A – my makeup collection.


I am ready for ALL makeup emergencies.

I was deep into makeup wearing, reviewing, collecting/buying, and swatching. I once tried to calculate exactly how much I spent on my collection, but it just made me feel really, REALLY sad. This trove of upper-mid end makeup kind of just sits on my dresser. I will occasionally wear a full face of makeup, but on a day to day basis I stick with my foundation, eye liner, and maybe lipstick. I think I will do a purge this weekend (:D I will post a post-purge photo of my stash). It’s just SO hard to let go of things that I could potentially use, but have not in the past year.

Right now, I have my neo blythe Finley, my middie Bryn (:D I settled on a name), and five Ever After High dolls (Thronecoming Cupid, basic Cupid, Basic Blondie Lockes, basic Hunter Huntsman and Ashlynn Ella). I gave Bryn a hair spa day and I whipped her up a dress :3.


The curlers are a bit big for my taste, but they definitely gave her hair some volume. Bryn’s hair is very poofy and cute!


I’m definitely entering the lottery for Spright Beauty, and I am currently waiting on a Pullip Dal from my friend. I received Finley in March I think, and Bryn in April. Mayyybeee I should slow down some. XD

6 thoughts on “The dangers of a collection based hobby

  1. I think we might be twinsies. I also had a makeup-addiction, and I have stopped buying now. I’m slowly working my way through my stash (although my collection looks a lot like your “before” picture). I threw out a significant amount when my fiance and I moved in together though.

    I’m a trader at heart, and I move my funds from one hobby to another. I’m slowly selling off Sailor Moon items to fund my Doll-love, which I now am moving halfway between Pullip’s and Blythes. I have a lot more than you at the moment though! But I definitely understand the shopaholic tendencies!

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    • I’m hoping that some of my cream or liquid based makeup has gone off/rancid. That would make tossing things so much easier. I’m finding that pacing myself is the hardest part. Im just hoping I don’t catch the bjd bug.

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  2. I LOVE Helga! I’ve got a bjd collection, a Volks DD collection, a Nendoroid collection, a Blythe Army, Monster High collection, an Azone collection, and of course, the make up collection. I think it’s the nature of people who collect things, to go overboard.

    OH yeah, there’s also my yarn stash!

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    • LOL Helga cracks me up a lot. I was SO close to getting an azone this morning! It was the Azone Sweet Punk Miu. I held back though >_<. need to do more research. One day, I will have a wall of cubbies, filled with different colored yarns.

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