Finding a fellow Blythe fan IRL

I just recently found out that one of my coworkers is also a blythe aficionado! The conversation sort of went like this: 

Me: I wish I could go to blythecon. It’s being held in Chicago this year in October. (I mentioned this as we had talked about conventions in general earlier).

Her: You like blythe?

Me: You know what blythe dolls are?

Her: I love blythe dolls!

Me: Did we just become best friends?

I’m just kidding. That’s not how the conversation went (yay for random Charlie Bradbury reference!), but we were both really surprised that we shared the same blythe doll interest. She has 2 neo blythe dolls, one of which includes a Bianca Pearl! She seemed mildly interested in going to any potential dolly meets and maybe even venturing out together to a park to do a photo shoot.. Neither of us have IRL doll friends, and we both agreed that it’s kind of crazy that the first doll lover we encountered in person was at work. 

It’s actually kind of heartening to find out that someone I know has the same niche interest as I. I don’t have very many people who I can talk to about blythes or dolls in general (I can definitely count them on one hand), and it’s exciting to be able to gush about dolls with someone out loud (gush, squee, whateva, whateva). My coworker and my initial conversations were more like long-run-on-sentences-with-no-pauses-between-words-and-punctuated-with-OMG’s-we-were-that-excited.

^^ Anyway, I hope everyone else is having a good Monday!


5 thoughts on “Finding a fellow Blythe fan IRL

  1. How good is that! I still haven’t found a real life doll-fan, but I’m slowly converting the rest of my friends…. we are having a doll making session soon! They’re all architects so it does make it easier to convince them to make me creative things 😀


    • I want to make dolls! Like the make it own pullip sets? I have an artist friend and I suggested that we try this out (secretly I think she’d be awesome at doing face ups), but she’s not sold on dolls yet

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      • Yup I’ve convinced one to do a make it own pullip set and another is determined to make doll jewelry and dollhouses (she makes jewelry quite a bit! ) I’m lucky my friends are quite artistic and we’re going to turn every 3rd or so weekend into a doll crafting day. I mean, 3 architects should be able to make a doll house right?!

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