Dreams dashed :(

*dramatic pause*

*not so dramatic unpause*

I received the Sweetiiger body today in the mail. I purchased this replacement body from DollWigDIY’s etsy store because I wanted Finley to have a more animated body – a body with more potential for posing than her current Takara body. I first found out about this Pure Neemo alternative on the blog All The Dolls,Β and later I found a blythe owner on Flickr who compares the Pure Neemo Flection body to the Sweetiiger body.

I ordered the body, and waited 2 weeks for it to get to me (which is not bad considering the item was coming from Asia).

The good news: I got the new body on Finley.

The bad news: I couldn’t get her head completely open. One side of her head seemed to be completely melded with the scalp. Even after about 20 minutes of prying with my fingers and with the help of a screwdriver (… gently…), I couldn’t get either front or back face plate off of the rubbery scalp bit on the left side of her head. 😦 I even scratched one of Finley’s chips (it’s just the stock green, thank god it wasn’t the special brown chips). I am still waiting on my hand painted chips to get to me, but when they do I will change the green stock chips instead of the orange ones – WITHOUT opening her head I might add… just in case I forget what an awful time I had this time around. Side note – I also saw that her pull string was fraying inside her head!! I am in serious trouble should the thing snap, since I can’t manage to open her up. I found this tutorial on Blythe Life that explains how to change the pull cord without opening the doll’s head, so I guess I’ll give that a go if her current string snaps.

So much promise.

So much promise. Also, watching a tutorial by MissFreyaJ.

I’m pretty disappointed because I wanted to paint her eye lids and give her a gaze lift. All I ended up doing was switching out her body, spraying 2 layers of MSC UV flat on her front face plate, and SCRATCHING HER EYE CHIP :(. … I’m okay.

I gave her hair a 10 minute soak in some water with fabric softener (I was so out of it at this point that I accidentally got water in her head through the small hole in the back where the spring is).

Not my day.



Finley looks good though! I really like her matte face, and her new body is kind of hilarious. She’s back in her lounge wear while her hair (and the inside of her head hopefully) dries. I’ll post up photos of Finley’s new body tomorrow ^^.


5 thoughts on “Dreams dashed :(

  1. I have the same problem :(( I can’t open it 😦 did you ever find a solution for this problem ? Husband says it is glued in one of the screws where the string is coming out.

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    • Apparently too much glue is a common problem with the more recent releases. I actually sent my Cadence Majorette away to a customizer and she told me that she soaks the area that is affected by two much glue for a really like time. I’ve asked on forums and some people recommend (carefully) taking an exacto knife and running it along the affected area. I’m not sure if either suggestions will work :-/.


  2. Thank you for the advice. I thought about the water soaking as well. I can tell you exacto knife wouldn’t have worked for her. You know what I did but maybe others would find it useful so I will write it here as well. Basically we used a hair dryer to warm up the area. The stupid thing we did was not protecting the hair. I completely forgot how fragile doll hair are. It melted a bit πŸ™‚ I also realized front plate is sealed shut as well. I was too scared to use hair dryer on the front. Maybe I use your customizer’s method there πŸ™‚
    Thank you very much. I am very curious how Finley will look when she is ready to come back home πŸ™‚

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