The Sweetiiger Body – initial thoughts and some photos

I purchased the Sweetiiger body from etsy, as well as the set A hands. There are two different chest types, the chest A and the chest B… The difference being that chest A is “painted.”  

strategically placed black bar for anyone not a fan of doll nudity.


Finley is naked. She doesn’t care.

The “chest painting” isn’t very impressive, since it only consists of a bright pink paint, easily done at home. This body is matte, unlike her original Takara body. The biggest and most obvious difference would be that this body is jointed. The one thing I would say is a drawback to this is that Finley is a bit more unstable, and apt to bending forward or backward because of her loose hips (and the weight of her big ol’ head).

This body is curvier and more more defined than her original Takara body, so I’m curious to see how all of her clothes will look on her now. The only outfit I’ve tried on her is her white sweater dress, since she is currently drying off. I think the more mature body suits her!

Small complaint – the body I bought wasn’t completely pristine. There were blue ink like marks and some spots that looked dirty. I got most of it off, so that’s a relief.

I can’t wait to try photographing her! 


11 thoughts on “The Sweetiiger Body – initial thoughts and some photos

    • They didn’t send me food, but they sent me two beads for the pull string I guess. I picked etsy over eBay because I noticed the chest A body and chest B body were the same price (on eBay, I think chest A is a few dollars extra). I used rubbing alcohol (^^ thank you for the pro-tip) and got most of it off, so I’m not too bummed! The thought occurred to me though… Was I supposed to wash the body before I put Finley on it and clothes on it?


      • You’re welcome! I didn’t worry about the body painting on mine, mostly because I know my dolls won’t go topless…bjd are a different thing, and even then, I usually don’t go for the body blushing option.

        No, you shouldn’t have to wash the body before you put her on it. (and if you buy again, buy from Sweettiger!)

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