My Yeolume Podo!

Meet another addition to my doll collection – a Yeolume Podo! It took about one full day for me to realize that Yeolume is Korean for “summer.” “Podo” means grape ^^. Yeolume is the future daughter of Pullip (like Chibi-usa to Sailormoon… Right?)

The first time I saw this doll was on Les Jeunette’s blog. She has customized her Yeolume, and I’m considering doing the same but I lack the confidence of doing a better job than her current faceup.    I have, however, redressed her! Her shoes totally don’t match, but I was delighted when the Lambellina Ever After High Sweater fit!

My thoughts on this particular doll:

Yeolume’s wig is top notch- it is SUPER soft and very cutely curled at the bottom. I really like her school girl stock as well. Everything but the blazer has Velcro as a closure. Her stock is also very well made (that headband though… Will not stay on her head for anything). Her eyes move left to right like a middie, but instead of a dial, there is a switch. Ummmm… I’m not a big fan of the feel of the doll. Her joints are way too loose so everything swivels far too easily. She also doesn’t give off an expensive feel.

Yeolume is a cute doll! Not sure yet if I will name her.


7 thoughts on “My Yeolume Podo!

    • I put in an offer for a pure neemo Xs on eBay and I bought some carving tools and sandpaper from coolcat. I will probably give modding her a go. Must prepare eyebrow stencils.

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      • Hmm… I ended up just making a head-plug from Apoxie – I know what you mean by the one on Dollchemy, it’s pretty good! I used a screw instead of a hook (I found it easier to put in) and I sanded the shape of the peg afterwards as I couldn’t get it perfect the first time ^_^

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