My Evolving Wishlist and Current Mail Call

Nowadays, I use the website to keep track of what I currently want. It kind of works like Pinterest, where you can “add to Wishlist” using a button you can save on your bookmarks bar.

  1. A pink haired blythe – Stella Savannah, Prima Dolly Peach, Prima Dolly Peony, Coco Colette.
    I think my next blythe doll will be a pink haired girl. i will most likely wait for the next release to come out, rather than scouring eBay for a decent deal. I do have my eye on the My Melody blythe coming out later this year, though I wonder how bright that pink hair is. In the initial photos, My Melody has shockingly bright pink hair (almost neon). She also looked a LOT like Penny Precious.
  2. Cat Themed Jewelry
    This one is a bit random. I think my Etsy front page recommended this item to me :D. Even Etsy knows I am a cat lady.
    Would love this in gold rather than silver.
  3. Dear Mine Siamy
    I recently purchased a Dear Mine Dorothy from eBay (I named her Potpourri :3). I think one day I will also purchase Siamy! She has really sultry looking angled eyes (the Dorothy model has rounder eyes). … What I would love even more is a limited edition Dear Mine Pet Cat doll!
  4. A pink mohair or alpaca wig for my Dearmine anthro Potpourri… also clothes. Lots and lots of clothes.
  5. A Babycatface custom blythe
    I follow this artist on flickr, and I was quite taken by one this person’s recent customs for adoption, Olive (name twin!).
    This is Olive
    I’m not sure if I’ll ever own one of these girls, as $800-1K is kind of (wayyyyy out) of my price range. I just really love how the lips are carved, and the amount of detail work that went into the doll. This particular custom is a beauty to behold from far away and up close. /SIGH.
    RANDOM NOTE: I noticed that I’m not particularly huge on eyebrows on blythe dolls! I think it has to do with the fact that the official releases don’t come with brows.
  6. More Middies!! – i’m not picky. i just need MOAR.
  7. More Blythe Clothes – I have so many listings favorited on Etsy.

Mail Call!

Yes… I did some damage over the weekend. XD

3 thoughts on “My Evolving Wishlist and Current Mail Call

  1. Weekend shopping… I did something bad too hahahah! Kirakira makes lovely chips, as does Puppelina for those “realistic” looking shots. I’m glad you’re having a go at re-bodying! Tell meif you need any help. Cool-cat chips are super fun to paint as well.

    I’m in the search of a pink haired blythe. Coco Collette is gorgeous ^_^. Babycatface makes gorgeous, gorgeous dolls. Olive I saw recently on Dolly Adoption… for a bit more than $1000 😦

    Your posts keep making me think that I need a middie….


    • I may reach out to you if I have trouble with customizing my Yeolume (I decided to name her Summer! I think I was wrong about the name meaning for Yeolume, and I think it does mean “seedling” (pronounced Yeol-me… And not Yeo-reum for “summer” like I thought). Whoops.
      ^^ the middies have disarmingly sweet faces, that can go from super sweet to looking like they’re giving something major side eye. I like crocheting things for my middie because it goes by so fast due to the doll’s small size. I was surprised to see that people customize middies too (and they’re quite cute!!).
      ^^ also, hopefully My melody isn’t as limited in supply as Spright beauty was. XD I think scurvygrrrl is also wanting My Melody – it would be wild if all three of us got one.


      • I think “Yeolume” is meant to be a fruit or nut, but my Korean husband prefers “yeoreum”… me too! I’d be happy to help in your Yeolume customising adventures 😀
        I really really want My Melody. I hope all of us gets one, that would be amazing. September, I am waiting.

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