It would be easy, They said. – I changed Finley’s eye chips.

Ok, no one really said that customizing a Blythe would be easy, but all the blogs and youtube videos at least made changing eye chips look simple!

The concept and technique are easy enough. I referred to the tutorials on Blythe Life and Jaszmade re: changing the eye chips. Finley came with standard orange chips that I really did not like, and never displayed. I ordered a pair of hand painted eye chips on Musaenfuga’s Etsy store about a month ago (damn you, USPS International Sorting Center), and they finally came in yesterday. So, I ran to Michaels and bought the last two tools I needed before I set to working on switching her orange chips out for the beautiful hand painted ones.


The tools and the stubborn orange eye chips. I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue (water soluble), scissors, a candle, Ardell lashes, tape, matches, tweezers, and glue sticks.

I swear, when they made my particular Cadence Majorette, they must have used a heavy hand on the glue. Those orange suckers did NOT want to budge. I sat at my desk for almost an hour of melting the glue stick, holding the glue stick onto the eye chip, waiting 5-10 minutes for the glue to dry, and twisting… only to have the glue stick just effortlessly slide off the eye chip. I almost gave up. Here are a few things I learned from my (pretty dang awful) experience:

  • The end of the glue stick should be pretty melty before you stick it onto the eye chip. When you press the glue stick down, the tip should kind of smoosh and spread to cover most of the eye chip.
  • I found that working with a shorter glue stick was easier (I didn’t find this out by choice. I had to keep trimming the end off after each failed attempt). A shorter glue stick was less likely to unstick from the eye chip due to its own weight.
  • After sticking the glue stick onto the eye chip, you should hold the glue stick in place for about 45 seconds.
  • When luck is not on your side, stick your Blythe doll in the freezer. I was desperate by the time I decided to do this. I had my Blythe in the freezer for about 5 minutes before I took her out and successfully pulled the eye chips out.
Stuff of nightmares.

Stuff of nightmares.

I ordered a pair of dark grey eye chips from ebay (currently stuck in a USPS ISC… -__-)… I’m planning on replacing her standard side facing green eye chips with the grey ones. Hopefully, the next time will be painless. i might just put her straight in the freezer from the get-go.

I also changed her eyelashes after I installed her new chips. Her original stock lashes were super jacked up by the tape I used to keep them out of the way of the glue sticks. The stock eyelash removal was also a huge pain. I bought Finley’s new eyelashes from CVS (drugstore). I wanted something with a bit of flare, and these Ardell lashes suited me fine.


I wish I had a good photo of Finley with the orange eye chips, but the only one I could find was this one (I really did not like those chips):

My girls

Her new hand-painted chips are super pretty. They make Finley look dreamy, and magical, and her eyes glow when the light hits them. I’m really happy with them, and seeing how nice they look on Finley is almost enough reward for me for the amount of time this whole process took. ^^ I’m also happy with her new lashes. The flare at the ends have a sort of cat eye effect. I’m going to try my best to preserve these lashes come the time I change her green eye chips.

I am exhausted.

4 thoughts on “It would be easy, They said. – I changed Finley’s eye chips.

  1. I love her chips and those lashes! Congrats on changing them! For me, some of the chips are hell to get out, and others are really easy. I’ve also discovered letting them sit longer than 10 minutes helps… like maybe 20.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😀 yay I’m glad. Also, how do you keep your doll’s eyelashes from getting bent into weird shapes? I’m wondering if next time I should not use tape to protect them. Instead maybe I should use an index card and keep them away from the glue stick until the glue dries a bit.


  2. Good work on changing them! She looks great now =D. I have converted my husband into a pro eyechip and blythe disassembly person. He’s worked out the perfect technique for removing them which he says involves “speed”, “dexterity” and a “slight twisting motion”


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