Welcoming the new girl

The dress I ordered from Plastic Fashion came in today, and I couldn’t wait to get it on Rosaline.

New dress!

Kitties! Birthday celebrating kitties?

Rosaline modeling her new Plastic fashion dress

Excuse Rosaline’s pull strings. I just ordered pull rings from Twiggy Twiggy for her, and I wanted to put the beads on in advance… because I was really excited about the new beads I got. I boggled Rosaline, but for some reason, her lids still show a bit. I know I definitely cut enough of the eye mech for the boggling effect, but it feels like there’s some resistance that’s causing the lid to spring back out. :-/ (help me)

Welcome to the family, Rosaline~

My girls, both in Plastic Fashion dresses. This might become a thing.

I still don’t know which girl I will be bringing with me on my upcoming trip. Finley is definitely lower maintenance (her hair is way more manageable), and she has a more poseable body. But Rosaline is kind of growing on me… I just don’t know.

Belated Spring cleaning and some BJD love

I spent the better half of today doing some major cleaning at Knotted Things HQ (a.k.a. my crib). I went to Michaels today and picked up a few things (one skein of adorable yarn, a big plastic container, 2 bead storage containers, and some beads for Rosaline’s pull string). I love shopping at Michaels when they have a 40% off entire regular price purchase coupon ^^.

I ended up redoing my shelves, and organizing my doll things, and my craft boxes.

Shoes on top, beads on the bottom.

Shoes on top, beads on the bottom.

I got the idea to store Blythe shoes in these small containers from one of Jane’s (maidensuit) videos. Both of the containers were about $2-3 with the 40% off. I get so much happiness when things are organized cutely. I’m as big a fan of boxes as my cat. The new beads I purchased today are the rose charms and the pebble beads below them.

My shelves!

My shelves!

And here is my shelf after the major cleaning! You can see my dolly family minus Potpourri (my Dear Mine anthro girl), who is currently in a box, wrapped with a white towel, in my closet… away from the sun. Rosaline needs a stand so she can join her sisters up top. Also, can you tell I really like Adventure Time?

After almost 5 hours of cleaning and organizing (I’m either really slow, or very meticulous), I decided to reward myself by pulling out Potpourri and dressing her up. Best idea ever.


I mentioned in an earlier haul post that I purchased a dress from Rabbit In the Moon’s etsy store that was a bit too short on my blythe, Finley. It has a high-low design, and it didn’t cover Finley’s lower doll parts. I tried the dress on Potpourri and it is so lovely, and so her. The fit is justperfect. I’m patiently waiting for her commisioned pink alpaca wig, and when that comes, Potpourri will be complete. Ugh so happy. After I oohed and ahhed over her, I wrapped her up again (this time, she’s not naked!) and put her back in my closet. I love the Dear Mine Dear Pet anthro girls. They look so so sweet, and I really love cats.

Random P.S.
I’m ecstatic that that Finley, Summer, Potpourri, and Rosaline can share clothes.

Second wind

After a fail day of trying to sew some clothes, I decided I’d take another stab at doing a couple of more customs to my new girl. And I would like to add, my cat was a GIANT pain in my butt the entire time (knocking things off my dresser, actually splaying herself on top of the fabrics I”m about to measure and cut, chewing on things she’s not supposed to. OMG GIRL JUST CHILL.)

I really wanted to boggle Rosaline to give her a childlike, wide-eyed look. I wasn’t able to a couple of days ago because I couldn’t finagle her eye balls out of her eye mech. After a while of wedging and prying, I finally popped them out!

While i was at it, I decided to give her some superficial white freckles using acrylic paints (as suggested by Jann from Project Doll House). I ran out of Mr. Super Clear UV Matt spray after spraying Rosaline’s face a bunch of times a couple of nights ago, so I didn’t fret over decorating her eye lids. It’s also raining something fierce, so I wasn’t too bummed (I didn’t feel like I could have done more, but I didn’t). I don’t think her not having decorated lids takes away from the vibe I was going for.



Ahhh I’m so happy!

So, here’s a checklist of things I’ve done to Rosaline:

  • Gave her sleep eyes – easy peasy
  • Gave her a gaze lift – easy peasy
  • Changed her pull strings to a pink cord – easy peasy
  • Gave her a fringe – not too bad
  • Sand matted her face – easy peasy
  • Blushed her cheeks – 😦 I wasn’t the best at this. I think the difficulty depends on the effect you’re going for.
  • Some lip carving – not terrible, but again I think it depends on what look you want to achieve. In my case, I followed Rosaline’s natural lip line, and defined it some. I carved a little outside of her factory drawn lips, to give her a small smile. I think it’s amazing when some customizers drastically change the shape of the lips, and breathe life into their doll.
  • Some nostril definition (very, very subtle) – because, why not? I just used my carving tool (sintered needle) and made repetitive small circular motions where her nostril is.
  • Boggled her eyes – popping the eyes out of the mech was HARD. cutting the plastic to achieve the boggled look was pretty easy.
  • Gave her faint white freckles – easy peasy

Here’s what’s in store for her:

  • New pull rings and charms! I bought a pendant from eBay that I want to use. I just need to order pull rings (I have my eye on these Glitter Pull rings and these Jelly Pull rings).
  • Maybe one day I will paint her eye lids. It’s kind of a hassle to buy Mr. Super Clear, and I also don’t like using it because I don’t take all the precautions when spraying. I know that a respirator is heavily recommended, but I just put a simple mask on and spray my dolls outside and quickly walk upwind of my doll.
  • Most likely a Licca body.
  • Fin.

Here are a few things I’ve learned, as well as some resources I found extremely helpful.

  • The factory girl’s eye chips are smaller than that of a standard blythe! I tried switching out Rosaline’s green front facing chips with a pair of hand painted ones, but they wouldn’t fit in the slot. I asked a blythe facebook group about it, and apparently some of the fakes have smaller eye chips and that sanding is required if I want to use a different set than the one the doll came with. Oh well.
  • Customizing takes a long time. I would estimate that Rosaline took me 7-8 hours total to customize. I know I spent about an hour on her hair cut and curling. I’m not sure if this time frame is normal, or if I’m just really slow.
  • Unassembling SUCKS. I would say the hardest parts were popping out her eye mech from her head, and then the eye balls from the eye mech.
  • I found these websites very helpful.

List of things I used:
Water color pencils, Soft chalk pastels, a razor blade, Sintered diamond needle file, Very fine grain sand paper, Screw drivers (various sizes), Acrylic paints, Q-Tips, Toothpicks, Mr Super Clear Flat UV cut (I purchased mine off of eBay), paint brushes (I didn’t need these, but I like using them to blend the pastels, and the very fine tipped brush to use the chalk pastel wet to get into the crevice of Rosaline’s lips).

I’m exhausted.

Trauma in the Blythe operating room

So… I didn’t plan to start customizing until maybe a month from now. Last night, I decided to try giving my new girl sleep eyes, pink pull strings, and a gaze correction. First off, the screws in the back of her head were near impossible for me to undo. I sat there, sweating for about 40 minutes before I woke up my dad to do it for me (unfortunately, it was hard for him too because of how I mangled the screw). We got that open, and then came all the prying to get the parts out. Everything seemed really wedged inside her head, and in the end, I was unable to unscrew her scalp from her front face plate, and remove her eyeballs from her eye lids. 

My plans on drawing on her eyelids were a bust. At this point, all I could think of is “Geez and holy freaking moly. I will never open her up again so I better do everything now.” And so that’s how this went down.    

Ok let’s be positive. I really like sleep eyes, and the gaze lift and pull string changing was easy! I’m looking forward to charming up her string, and I will put in an order for some Twiggy Twiggy pull rings in a couple of weeks. 

 Now allow me to be negative. 

Her blush is splotchy :(, and I didn’t blend well on the sides, which makes me sad. I also attempted white freckles, but they hardly show. Her eyes are droopy. And I made her look more adult like than childlike! D: 

Whatever you do… Don’t zoooooom. 

Doll Clothing (and accessories) Haul Part 2

IMG_2078 IMG_2079

These two photos about wrap up my giant blythe lot i won from eBay. I really dig the dark navy and white striped t-shirt. The jeans are disappointingly cropped… I feel like if I pair those jeans with a smaller tshirt, my girls will look like they entered a growth spurt and are wearing clothes that don’t fit them anymore.

The lot also included some jewelry and hair accessories ^^. I really like the sparrow necklace, the pearl necklace, and the cloud hair clip.

Now, an update photo of Rosaline! I had her hair in some plastic curlers, and she’s wearing the dress I bought from Rabbit in the Moon’s etsy store. This one fits awesome.



I took the plunge and cut her bangs! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Her bangs look like the above right.now, and are kind of on the long side. I did style them so that they curl to one side. Once they start getting annoying, I might trim them some more, but for now I’m happy ^^. I want Rosaline to give off a younger vibe, and her fringe definitely helps!

Dear Master: Thank you chose me.

My factory/fake blythe came in today!

The fake blythe's box

My factory girl

After i removed her from the box, i gave her a dunking straight away. Ugh, for some reason this girl smelled like food that’s gone off… like… some fermented asian food that has spoiled. It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was bizarre and off-putting. I even kind of rinsed her body off with some soapy water.

Straight off the bat, here are some differences between my real Cadence Majorette (a.k.a. Finley) and my new girl (henceforth will be referred to as “fake blythe” for the purpose of this post).

  • Finley didn’t smell weird straight out of her box.
  • The color of my fake blythe’s scalp doesn’t really match her face. Also, the scalp and her face don’t align perfectly.
  • My fake blythe’s eye mech makes a very loud click when I change her eyes.
  • Finley and this fake blythe’s eye shape is different! The fake blythe’s eyes are kind of more downward slanting. I need to take photos of them side by side soon just to confirm.
  • My fake blythe’s hair (by this I mean the individual strands) seems thinner than Finley’s hair.
  • My fake blythe cost me $85 including shipping ($75 for the doll $10 shipping). Finley was definitely way more expensive.

While i was brushing out my fake blythe’s hair, i came across some severe tangles that I ultimately had to cut out (there were two, and I’m glad that they were pretty small knots). My fake girl also lost a bit of hair during the spa treatment I gave her :-/. Anyway, other than the smell, I’m quite happy with her! Her hair is the perfect shade of pink – slightly on the peachier side, pastel pink. LOVE.

I’m feeling a bit daunted by how much I want to customize her. I think I’ll hold off on taking her apart until I get a better idea of who I want her to become. I’m pretty set on the name Rosaline for her. She’s going to be my OC girl, revolving around the show Steven Universe (I will probably make a separate page on this blog just for my dolly family).

Random P.S. –


Summer etsy store sale

I just wanted to let the interwebs know that I activated a promo code for 15% off on my etsy store. The promotional code is: happyblythe2015.   

I only ship within the U.S. at the moment (mostly because I’m daunted by postage price as it is, and when I calculate shipping on the USPS website for international shipping, the site always spits out rates over $30 D: . What am I doing wrong?) 

Doll Clothing Haul Part 1

Here we go:


This is the full stock for Blythe Cute and Curious, that I won off of eBay. I love all of these stock pieces ^^. I wish that the recent releases came with more stock! This dolly came with two outfits, and what’s more – there are versatile pieces!

clothing haul

The dresses and tights on the left are from the etsy store Rabbit in the Moon. The tights were a thoughtful extra ^^, which is always nice. I haven’t tried the pink dress on Finley yet, but the white frilly dress is just way too short…the dress looks more awkward on Finley because she’s going commando at the moment. I might try pairing the dress with the bloomers from the Cute and Curious stock above.

I purchased the dresses on the right second hand from the youtuber Maidensuit, as she decluttered her blythe wardrobe. I pretty much covet her entire dolly family (in particular Coco Colette, Dear Lele Girl, and University of Love), I really enjoy Jane’s videos, because I really like oohing and ahhing over her doll and doll clothing collection. I actually wish there were more Blythe oriented channels out there.

photo 1

The pieces on the left include Ice Rune’s stock hat, a pair of white tights from Zinochika’s stock, and a random t-shirt. On the right, we have two pieces from Reve de Rui’s etsy store, I really wanted a pair of overalls for Finley, and I had this particular pair just sitting in my cart for a while as I mulled them over. I can’t wait to have Finley try them on.


FInley was due for a change in outfit 😀 . I was delighted at how well this Pistachio Libby dress matches her hand-painted chips. Ugh. I love her in this dress.


And clearly, no photoshoot is complete without a shot of my cat.

Random P.S.

There’s something very eerily compelling about this song.

Shoe haul!

I’ve received most of my dolly mail, so now all I’m waiting for is my factory girl from eBay! Included in my recent loot were many pairs of random brand (including Blythe) doll shoes, which were actually a big reason why I decided to bid on the lot.

So many shoes!

So many shoes!

I’m not sure where every pair is from. For sure there is a pair from Barbie, Stacie, and I think a couple of them are Takara Blythe shoes. My dolls will never want for shoes ever again. SHOES FOR ALL OF MY GIRLS. I really like the black mary janes and the brown cowboy boots.

I plan to post photos of the clothes I bought later this week – some are from Etsy, but most are from that same eBay lot. And now, I begin my doll clothes shopping diet. I think the amount of clothing and shoes I have isn’t proportionate to how many dolls I have. It makes me happy that Finley, Summer, and Potpourri are very similar in clothing size.

Random P.S.
I’m addicted to the show Steven Universe. This song scene gives me so many feels:

Feeling insanely inspired 

I’m so excited to get my factory girl that I purchased from eBay. I think I will be transforming her into an original character that I feel supercharged in the ideas department to create. Hopefully I don’t completely fudge up her face with carving. I will most likely purchase some face plates off eBay too, and practice lip and nose carving on those first, while I develop my OC’s character. I know the bjd community is big on creative writing, but is this a prevalent thing in the Blythe community? 

I think during lunch today, I will buy a pretty, bound unlined notebook which I can write and doodle in. ^^ (I love stationary.)

I took the above photos from the eBay listing. 

For sure, she is going on a licca body. I’m also going to give her curled bangs and thick ringlet curls. This girl will be my summer project (like I needed more projects).