Customizing woes

Sooooo… I managed to somehow break Finley’s eye mech. I tried to be productive and crafty, and tried to change Finley’s pull string, as I had noticed it was fraying when I peaked into her head. Since I can’t seem to get Finley’s head open all the way (the right side where the scalp and the two face plates meet seems to be fused), I managed to change her string without doing so. 😦 the pull string got caught in the spring, so in the end I did have to kind of keep her pried open while I untangled the two bits. 

Now Finley’s eye mech gets stuck on one of her four sets of eyes (the new hand painted ones). I’m guessing this may be happening because I pulled the spring too much and stretched it out… Though I don’t know why then only one set of eyes don’t work and not all.

I feel like this problem would probably go away if I somehow gave Finley sleep eyes (no spring, no problem?)… But I’m not sure how to do this without opening her head completely. 

My feels: 


Side note: amazingly enough, I’m not waiting for any doll mail! I received the pure neemo body for my Yeolume… May tackle carving, repainting, and rebodying in a few weeks. I’m actually going to cosplay for a convention, and I need to get to work on my costume ^^.


4 thoughts on “Customizing woes

  1. A few of my girls have their eyes stuck on one of the sets (normally a front facing… no idea why) – this is the case with Quinn & Gumji. Sleep eyes do not seem to help – they might actually exasperate the situation a bit! I fixed Gumji after re-doing her spring. You may be able to get a new one from CoolCat to put in if it is over-stretched. (My husband tends to put a wrapped screwdriver to click the plates open… its slightly traumatic so I get him to do it…). If I find a solution I will be sure to tell you!

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    • Thank you! 😦 scurvygrrrl actually suggested that maybe I try adjusting her new eyechips. I hope it’s a matter of me having not pushed the new eye chip all the way into the socket. I’m going to try to take the chips out and put them back in again.
      I should take a photo of the side of her head that stubbornly won’t come apart! I started sweating the first time I tried opening her head. I was so scared that I would crack her scalp.
      Im open to all suggestions!! I posted on Flickr and fb asking for help and suggestions, but no bites.


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