Planned projects (and my procrastination)

For me, getting started on something is half the battle. My personality is such that if I start a project, I have to finish it without unnecessary delays. A WiP will be all I can think about, so much so that I’m reluctant to do anything else. This also applies to non-hobby related things. Take exercise for example – if I’m motivated enough to get on my workout wear, nothing is stopping me from running atleast a mile and a half.

tldr: I havean addictive personality with obsessive tendencies.

Right now I’m in a state of “omg where do I begin?”

Here are the projects that are cluttering my brain:

1. Customizing Yeolume: I have all the parts and all the tools. I just need to sit down and start!

2. Yarn stash busting! – I’ve hauled a lot of yarn in the past year, and I figured out what I like and don’t like. I’d like to use up my stash before purchasing any more. I think I will be making a lot of amigurumi and Blythe hats in the future, and maybe some more hats for my mom. I actually also have enough of the same yarn for a sweater, but I can’t find a pattern that I love enough to put in that kind of effort and time. I’m contemplating making a ripple patterned blanket with all of my yarn – it will be the world’s ugliest ripple throw if I’m to use the yarn I have.

3. Sewing doll clothes – 😦 Everything is so small. And my hands feel clumsy with such tiny needles and thin thread.

4. Yarn wig for my bjd – I actually commissioned a pink alpaca wig with a nice seller on etsy. While I wait for the wig, I will try my hand at a yarn wig! I also have all the materials for this.

Current Mail Call:

2 Dresses from Rabbit in the Moon

1 Dress and overalls from Reve de Rui

1 GIANT Blythe clothing lot from EBay

1 Alpaca wig from Belindas Lock

I think I need another Blythe doll desperately at this point. I have accumulated a large wardrobe, and I only have Finley. I’ve been scouring eBay and some Facebook groups for a pink haired girl, but no luck. I did have my eye on Stella Savannah, but the other day I put Finley’s photo next to an owner photo of Stella and they look so similar to one another that I kind of fell out of love (similar makeup coloring, both are radiance face molds, same hair style). I’m kind of digging Cherry Beach Sunset though and I am waiting impatiently for more finalized photos of My Melody.

I cannot wait for the weekend. I hope to atleast start one of the projects above.


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