Finley’s Sweetiiger Body

It’s been about a month since I swapped out Finley’s stock body with the Sweetiiger body I purchased from Dollwigdiy’s Etsy store. I messaged the etsy seller, and Lu Tosca confirmed that they do also have an Ebay store as well by the name of Sweetiiger. I purchased the Type A chest body with Set A hands for $39.90, and I will probably purchase the Set B hands in the future.

I wanted to change Finley’s body out of the Takara body for a couple of reasons. First off, I wanted Finley to be more animated for photos. I found the Takara body charming, but very limiting and stiff. Finley’s character in my mind has a more mature vibe. She is introverted and has an infinite amount of patience. Finley is a good sport and will most likely go along with what her sisters want to do. She likes to look very feminine, and she loves cute things, though she doesn’t think these things suit her. She spends most of her time day dreaming and seeing things in moe vision (secretly of course). The rest of her dolly family are like her younger sisters. (yay character development)

I’m a complete noob when it comes to customizing, and I didn’t want to deal with modding the neck of a jointed body, nor did I want to have a case of the bobble headed Blythe when switching Finley to a more poseable body. The sweetiiger body is great because the neck peg fits the Blythe face plates perfectly. There is no head tilt, or head instability.

The one thing that I was not expecting was how loose her joints were. I actually thought that the body I received was broken because of how little support (ZERO support) the body had. Finley’s new body wasn’t supporting her head – her legs and waist would buckle under the weight of her Blythe-sized head. There was no standing her up (even when put on her clover stand) or sitting her down. The only use the body would have had in this state would be posing while laying Finley down.

Needless to say I was very sad. I sent the Etsy seller an email, and the seller responded almost immediately. Lu Tosca was very nice and understanding of my predicament. She first suggested that I tighten the body by pushing the limbs inward. I actually hadn’t noticed that there were gaps where the limbs connected to one another.

Sweetiiger body

Sweetiiger body

I did this, and it did help considerably, but I guess I was just expecting more stability. Now, Finley is able to stand when leaning on something, and stay upright when in her stand. I think with even the pure neemo bodies, you sacrifice stability for poseability (though I fiddled around with my Pure Neemo XS body, and the joints seem stiffer than the Sweetiiger body). In the end, I’m satisified with Finley’s body swap.

In the photo below, you have the stock Takara Blythe body, the Sweetiiger body, and a Pure Neemo Flexion XS body,

Body comparison

Finley’s body is more womanly with a bigger bust and a trimmer waist. Some of her clothes actually fit better (everything is a smidge looser around the waist, and the bust fits about the same). The downside to the body is that some of the handmade shoes I ordered from Etsy don’t fit as well on her feet. Her feet are a bit wider and thicker than the standard takara body.

All in all, the body fits Finley’s image better than the one she came with.

Edit 08.31.2015 – Finley is back on her stock body. I wrote an update post about it >_<.

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