Summer’s New Look

It’s kind of funny actually. I struggled with naming my Yeolume Podo, mostly because I wasn’t sure what to make of her. For almost a week of having her, i thought her name was pronounced “Yuh-reum/Yuh-leum,” which means “Summer.” It’s actually pronounced “Yul-me” (awful romanization of Korean), which I guess means “fruit” (I think it’s actually a bit broader than just fruit. I think it’s basically anything that is a product of a plant that holds seeds). I ended up naming my Yeolume doll Summer :D.

Annndd I ended up sanding her face off and redrawing it. >_<


It was HARD! I am really not an artist – in elementary school, I really wanted to be a mangaka, but I kind of gave it up when I realized I am awful at drawing. This is kind of how I draw:

I have trouble with symmetry and proportions :(.

Anyway, I struggled with Summer’s face up. It was also drizzling, and I didn’t realize it until I went outside to see if the MSC had dried on Summer’s face plate.


I was also feeling especially ambitious today, so I rebodied her as well!


This part wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be! I pretty much followed this tutorial, and I purchased the epoxy putty and the screw at my local hardware store for pretty cheap. I put Summer on the Pure Neemo Flexion XS body in white skin, which I purchased from eBay.

I didn’t have saran wrap to kind of cover up the hardened epoxy putty before closing up Summer’s head… hopefully the putty doesn’t react weirdly with the doll’s plastic. The packaging said it was safe to use on most plastics, and I did some research and it looks like people use epoxy putty to mod their dolls regularly. I’m exhausted from frankening Summer that at this point I shall leave it to the dolly gods. (I know, what kind of house doesn’t have saran wrap?)

IMG_1982 (1)

I also gave Summer some new eye chips! I purchased them from Kirakirameanssparkle’s Etsy store,.and I like them a LOT better than the chips she came with. They’re not a perfect fit – they’re slightly smaller than the sockets, but I don’t think it’s that noticeable. You also really can’t beat the price for such pretty chips. I have two more pairs of eye chips that I’m excited to put in my future dolls.


😀 That’s Summer chilling while I watch some BJD deboxing videos on youtube.

Summer doesn’t have the best face up (the eye fold lines bother me :(), but I really love her new overall look! (/secretly proud because I got so much done and those eye folds aren’t THAT bad…). I think this weekend, I will make Summer a yarn wig!!

Summer’s OOTD –

Sweater from Lambellina’s Etsy store 
Off-white tights
Shoes from Qmagicdoll’s Etsy store


4 thoughts on “Summer’s New Look

  1. She looks lovely! Makes me want to try doing the same to my Yeolume, but…I’m so bad at this stuff…

    I particularly love what you did with her eyes; the shadows seem to reshape and deepen her whole face, and the effect is really striking, particularly with the new eyechips.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! I think drawing the eyeliner was not as bad as drawing the brows. Also, chip changing was surprisingly easy, as they pop out when pushed from the back. I think if you do decide to custom your Yeolume, it just takes some mental preparedness lol (patience… Which I do not have enough of).

      Liked by 1 person

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