My First Blythe Meetup

I went to my first Blythe meetup last weekend. It was held at a public park, filled with tourists, families, youths, and people on dates… And pulling out Finley was surprisingly  easy! It did help that the other ladies there weren’t self conscious at all about displaying their beautiful custom dollies. 

We managed to nab an empty table, and with our Blythe dolls laid out, we proceeded to talk about blythes for 2 straight hours. My coworker friend and I have never been to a Blythe meet, and we have never met a fellow Blythe doll enthusiast before that one day at work when I mentioned Blythe con. 

I learned a few things during that meet! 

  • I don’t have that many dolls (to my family and friends who will probably never read this – So there!)
  • I’m not alone (lol, I know I’m not alone. But I like knowing that Blythe lovers aren’t few and far between, because the only people I chat dolls with are states or countries away). 
  • I really like blythes on licca chan bodies! The Sweetiiger body is made of a harder, less pliable body than the stock body or the licca chan body. I liked how soft the licca chan hands are, and how willowy the body looks. I might put my new pink haired factory girl on a licca body ^^.
  • It seems like a buyer’s market nowadays when it comes to custom dolls. I am diligently looking at Dolly Adoptions for an affordable Blythe customized by Forty Winks (I can dream), Chinalilly (again… I can dream), Babycatface (do want), or Chantilly Lace. 
  • And lastly off the top of my head – small children have no concept of personal space

And now for some doll meet photos!  



12 thoughts on “My First Blythe Meetup

    • Blythe dolls are fun to photograph, and since you crochet, there are a ton of fun patterns for them on the Internet too ^^. They’re for the most part more affordable than bjds. If you want a real release, cc toys, junie moon, and mandarake are good sites to browse and not have to worry about getting a fake. Flickr is also a good source if you want to see owner photos of specific dolls (there’s usually a group made for each real release where people add their photos). There are a lot of options (custom doll, stock doll, real release, factory/clone), but browsing and researching can also be fun.

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      • Knowing me, I’d probably get a fake and it would be all distorted and deformed, so this information really was helpful. If I find a good deal on one that I like, I may go for it.


    • Thank you! I found out about my local meets because the group has a Flickr and a Facebook page. I think there is a forum on Blythe kingdom as well for setting up local meets, but I’m unsure how active that is. Facebook might be your best bet for reaching out to the locals in the Blythe community to set up a group meet ^^

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      • Thank you so much for the info! I tried to find one but haven’t been successful. I love how your understand that sometime doll enthusiasts can feel alone during our doll journey. Looking forward to see more of your posts!! 😊💖


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