Feeling insanely inspired 

I’m so excited to get my factory girl that I purchased from eBay. I think I will be transforming her into an original character that I feel supercharged in the ideas department to create. Hopefully I don’t completely fudge up her face with carving. I will most likely purchase some face plates off eBay too, and practice lip and nose carving on those first, while I develop my OC’s character. I know the bjd community is big on creative writing, but is this a prevalent thing in the Blythe community? 

I think during lunch today, I will buy a pretty, bound unlined notebook which I can write and doodle in. ^^ (I love stationary.)

I took the above photos from the eBay listing. 

For sure, she is going on a licca body. I’m also going to give her curled bangs and thick ringlet curls. This girl will be my summer project (like I needed more projects).


17 thoughts on “Feeling insanely inspired 

  1. None of my dolls really have back stories, and while I understand people have them as characters from their stories, i don’t. They are doll, and while each has a personality, i don’t need elaborate back stories to enjoy them. I don’t think it’s as prevalent in the Blythe community, however. Although I could be wrong.

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  2. Very nice!

    But…if you don’t mind a stupid question…what’s a “factory girl”? I’m new to the Blythe scene. (So new that I don’t actually have any Blythes yet, apart from those Littlest Pet Shop dolls from a few years back, if those even count.)


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