Dear Master: Thank you chose me.

My factory/fake blythe came in today!

The fake blythe's box

My factory girl

After i removed her from the box, i gave her a dunking straight away. Ugh, for some reason this girl smelled like food that’s gone off… like… some fermented asian food that has spoiled. It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was bizarre and off-putting. I even kind of rinsed her body off with some soapy water.

Straight off the bat, here are some differences between my real Cadence Majorette (a.k.a. Finley) and my new girl (henceforth will be referred to as “fake blythe” for the purpose of this post).

  • Finley didn’t smell weird straight out of her box.
  • The color of my fake blythe’s scalp doesn’t really match her face. Also, the scalp and her face don’t align perfectly.
  • My fake blythe’s eye mech makes a very loud click when I change her eyes.
  • Finley and this fake blythe’s eye shape is different! The fake blythe’s eyes are kind of more downward slanting. I need to take photos of them side by side soon just to confirm.
  • My fake blythe’s hair (by this I mean the individual strands) seems thinner than Finley’s hair.
  • My fake blythe cost me $85 including shipping ($75 for the doll $10 shipping). Finley was definitely way more expensive.

While i was brushing out my fake blythe’s hair, i came across some severe tangles that I ultimately had to cut out (there were two, and I’m glad that they were pretty small knots). My fake girl also lost a bit of hair during the spa treatment I gave her :-/. Anyway, other than the smell, I’m quite happy with her! Her hair is the perfect shade of pink – slightly on the peachier side, pastel pink. LOVE.

I’m feeling a bit daunted by how much I want to customize her. I think I’ll hold off on taking her apart until I get a better idea of who I want her to become. I’m pretty set on the name Rosaline for her. She’s going to be my OC girl, revolving around the show Steven Universe (I will probably make a separate page on this blog just for my dolly family).

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6 thoughts on “Dear Master: Thank you chose me.

  1. Same box mine came in! Haze’s hair was, and still is, super soft out of the box. It did get a little tangled but not too badly.
    Love the name you picked for her, and can’t wait to see what you do with her!

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