Summer etsy store sale

I just wanted to let the interwebs know that I activated a promo code for 15% off on my etsy store. The promotional code is: happyblythe2015.   

I only ship within the U.S. at the moment (mostly because I’m daunted by postage price as it is, and when I calculate shipping on the USPS website for international shipping, the site always spits out rates over $30 D: . What am I doing wrong?) 

2 thoughts on “Summer etsy store sale

  1. Hi, I ship international a lot. Usually it depends on the packaging. thin envelope vs a box makes a lot of difference in price. When I had an etsy store I used it was very convinient to print at home and drop the boxes at usps. But of course it comes with a price. So if I were you I would make a typical package use a thin envelope (as small as you can use) and go to post office and see how much it costs to ship. It can be your practice run 🙂 you don’t have to ship just learn the prices. Maybe those usps automatic machines might be helpful as well? For international shipping you need to fill out those custom forms so you always have to go talk to someone at the post office.

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    • Thank you for the advice! ^^ I may just do that this weekend when I go pick up a package. My local post office is tiny though and there are usually lines, so hopefully they’re not too busy (may try to get their as soon as they open).


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