Doll Clothing (and accessories) Haul Part 2

IMG_2078 IMG_2079

These two photos about wrap up my giant blythe lot i won from eBay. I really dig the dark navy and white striped t-shirt. The jeans are disappointingly cropped… I feel like if I pair those jeans with a smaller tshirt, my girls will look like they entered a growth spurt and are wearing clothes that don’t fit them anymore.

The lot also included some jewelry and hair accessories ^^. I really like the sparrow necklace, the pearl necklace, and the cloud hair clip.

Now, an update photo of Rosaline! I had her hair in some plastic curlers, and she’s wearing the dress I bought from Rabbit in the Moon’s etsy store. This one fits awesome.



I took the plunge and cut her bangs! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Her bangs look like the above, and are kind of on the long side. I did style them so that they curl to one side. Once they start getting annoying, I might trim them some more, but for now I’m happy ^^. I want Rosaline to give off a younger vibe, and her fringe definitely helps!


2 thoughts on “Doll Clothing (and accessories) Haul Part 2

  1. OMG. Her bangs are ADORABLE, and so is that dress. Good job! I’m sure you’ll be fine at customizing her. Remember the good thing about Blythe; you really don’t have to give them eyebrows! I love the little cloud barrette.


    • 😀 I’m pleased with how they turned out but I feel like maybe I should get some hair spray to make the fringe stay put. And you are so right about the brows. I hate drawing brows… And redrawing brows over and over.

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