Trauma in the Blythe operating room

So… I didn’t plan to start customizing until maybe a month from now. Last night, I decided to try giving my new girl sleep eyes, pink pull strings, and a gaze correction. First off, the screws in the back of her head were near impossible for me to undo. I sat there, sweating for about 40 minutes before I woke up my dad to do it for me (unfortunately, it was hard for him too because of how I mangled the screw). We got that open, and then came all the prying to get the parts out. Everything seemed really wedged inside her head, and in the end, I was unable to unscrew her scalp from her front face plate, and remove her eyeballs from her eye lids. 

My plans on drawing on her eyelids were a bust. At this point, all I could think of is “Geez and holy freaking moly. I will never open her up again so I better do everything now.” And so that’s how this went down.    

Ok let’s be positive. I really like sleep eyes, and the gaze lift and pull string changing was easy! I’m looking forward to charming up her string, and I will put in an order for some Twiggy Twiggy pull rings in a couple of weeks. 

 Now allow me to be negative. 

Her blush is splotchy :(, and I didn’t blend well on the sides, which makes me sad. I also attempted white freckles, but they hardly show. Her eyes are droopy. And I made her look more adult like than childlike! D: 

Whatever you do… Don’t zoooooom. 


5 thoughts on “Trauma in the Blythe operating room

  1. You did good for your first try though! I think you’re being too hard on yourself ^_^.

    The fakies are a bit harder to open and require some brute force to pull the eye mech out – It gives me the heeby jeebies every time as I am worried that I will split her head open. The lips look fab, by the way. Did you use pastels on the face-up? Pastels are a b-*atch because of their crystalline structure, and over working them causes them to “bruise” and not blend well on the plastic. Pre-coating in MSC helps a bit too! White freckles you should try with straight on acrylic, and dabbed on with a toothpick! You can add these after no problem. The Fakie screw plate really annoys me, if you use a screwedriver that’s too small you’ll completely thread the head D: I did that a few times when I started!

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    • Ahhh I don’t think I will attempt anything on her again any time soon. Opening her up and dissembling her was that hard. Lol I also ran out of MSC. I can’t believe how fast some customizers pump out customs (noticed on fb). I used pastels for the blush and pastels and pencils on the lips. Carving was actually not completely terrible, but then again, all I did was define the lines she already had. Maybe for fun I will just add white acrylic freckles after the fact and not set them.

      Also, thank you Jann! >_<

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      • No worries olive! The freckles should work quite well with a thicker paint! Good luck.
        Honestly I can’t do the opening I have to get my husband to do it – he’s perfected the technique. I find it slightly traumatising!


    • thank you!! I think it may be hit or miss with the ease of disassembling fake blythes. I actually liked her before I did anything to her, but opening her up was a new experience for me. Maybe one day in the Farr future, I’ll have another stab at customizing another girl. Also, now I feel more confident I can do the light customizations. My new girl is slowly growing on me again. I’m just prone to panic… I think I just need to get used to the girl she’s become.

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