Welcoming the new girl

The dress I ordered from Plastic Fashion came in today, and I couldn’t wait to get it on Rosaline.

New dress!

Kitties! Birthday celebrating kitties?

Rosaline modeling her new Plastic fashion dress

Excuse Rosaline’s pull strings. I just ordered pull rings from Twiggy Twiggy for her, and I wanted to put the beads on in advance… because I was really excited about the new beads I got. I boggled Rosaline, but for some reason, her lids still show a bit. I know I definitely cut enough of the eye mech for the boggling effect, but it feels like there’s some resistance that’s causing the lid to spring back out. :-/ (help me)

Welcome to the family, Rosaline~

My girls, both in Plastic Fashion dresses. This might become a thing.

I still don’t know which girl I will be bringing with me on my upcoming trip. Finley is definitely lower maintenance (her hair is way more manageable), and she has a more poseable body. But Rosaline is kind of growing on me… I just don’t know.


3 thoughts on “Welcoming the new girl

  1. Love those dresses! I love buying new blythe clothes, waiting for the postman is torture though. I have also enjoyed your adventures in customising Rosaline. She is gorgeous! You have given me some courage to have a go at customising a dolly myself. *Cue heart palpitations and super excited grin*

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    • Shopping for my dolls is WAY more fun than shopping for myself! When I get tracking numbers, I always set it so that I get text messages whenever the postman scans my packages (and yet… I still check the USPS website tracking). Thank you for your kind words re: Rosaline >_<! I think… I would definitely recommend having a go at customizing if it's something that you're interested in doing. In the end, I feel like the whole experience has helped me bond with Rosaline. She feels more "mine" (flaws and all), especially since I'm basing her off of an original character. Definitely join the Blythe Customization group on fb! Especially if disaster strikes! I also discovered that there are photo album tutorials available in that fb group. ^^ Good luck! And i'd love to see how your girl turns out.


      • I must admit these days I buy more clothes for my doll than myself :$ I am waiting on a pair of doll jeans in the mail now for 4 weeks – patience is wearing thin 😀 Thanks for the referral to the Facebook group. I am very keen to try customising. I think I may need ‘live’ help if I get stuck when I start work on my doll. I have researched, and collected some tutorials. I find I can’t stop reading more! I have purchased some factory face plates to begin with. Hopefully won’t be too afraid to give lip carving a go on those before I attempt it on my doll. Looking into tools now. When I have something to show I will let you know 😉

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