Back to reality

Vacations always seem so very short. I took a peek at my work email, and I kind of know what to expect when I get back to the office – hundreds of emails, paperwork to follow up with, and the same old 9 to 5 doldrums. /all the sad emoticons in the world.

I did a bit of damage in sunny California, and I wanted to share my Anime Expo and California haul (dropped mad dollars at the Japanese dollar store, lol).

Anime Expo 2015 haul

I purchased these goods from Anime Expo 2015.  From left to right, we have 2 rement blind boxes, a Madoka Kaname Yukata version Nendoroid, a few Danboards, and a Jetoy Choo Choo coloring book! The Danbos and the Nendo are pretty freaking enchanting. If I can find some nendos of anime characters I really like, I may pick up a few more. So far, my nendoroid wishlist includes:

Kuma from Persona

Hozuki from Hozuki no Reiatsu

I’m so on the fence about the nendoroid’s interchangeable pieces. I like how each figure comes with extra parts to change the facial expression and the arms and accessories… but they also seem a bit inconvenient in that I worry about losing the tiny pieces.

My nendoroid!

Madoka Majika Yukata Version Nendoroid

The danboards are perfect the way they are. Never change, Danbo.


And here is the rest of my haul!

Daiso and Miscellaneous haul

Everything but the crochet book and the coloring book in the back were purchased from Daiso (… several Daisos). ^^ Not in any particular order, but the haul includes: 2 Elly chan school girl fashion packs, 4 skeins of yarn, some kitty stationary, some leatherworking kits, beads, false lashes that I will use for blythe lashes, crochet hooks, a cat pencil case, and some key chain making goods.

8 thoughts on “Back to reality

  1. I love nendoroids; they’re so cute! And that yukata one is super-adorable, I must say! I’d recommend keeping all her spare pieces in the box to prevent losing them; that’s what I usually do with the spare pieces of mine.

    I have that one of Kuma; he’s like two-for-one, ’cause you can have him out in bear-form *and* in full boy-form. 😛

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      • I got him about, hmm, I guess it’s been a year or maybe two years? ago from Amazon. The seller was in Japan. That’s really the important thing to look for; if they’re shipping directly from Japan, they’re likely selling a genuine Nendo. I don’t know if eBay lets you check where the seller’s located the way Amazon does, though. Of course, by now he may be harder to get. The problem with Nendoroids–just like Pullip, Blythe, Figma, and all the other Japanese collector toys–is that since they’re made in limited quantities for a limited time, they can go from affordable to insanely priced at the drop of a hat. I missed out on several Pullips I dearly want because of that. ;(

        Getting back to the concern of fakes, even if you can’t check where the seller’s located, you might be able to tell if they’re likely to be selling real or fake Nendos by looking at their rating, or asking them to take new photos of the toy, too. I don’t know; there are always so many risks involved in buying things online. That’s why I spent so long trying to avoid buying things over the internet. (My recent behavior being, of course, proof that I was right to avoid it. Ugh, I have no self-control whatsoever…)

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      • Ughhhh I want Kuma!! I just checked hobby link Japan and ami ami and thankfully, Hozuki is very affordable (Kuma on the other hand 😦 ).


    • I haven’t played the games, but I watched the anime (I think they remade it or brought out a different version of the anime on the past couple of years – haven’t watched that one yet.). Is there a 3DS game? I wonder if I should pick it up… I made a joke with my SO that Kuma is my “waifu”.

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