Crochet in Miniature – A Blythe Beanie

I have difficulty with scaling patterns to Blythe doll proportions. Actually, I find scaling any and all patterns, whether it’s for crocheting, sewing, drawing, etc, HARD. I recently had some success in shrinking one of my favorite hat patterns down to fit my girls, and I thought I would share ^^. I actually made matching hats for me and Rosaline for when we went to Anime Expo last weekend.

Here is the original pattern: Danyel Pink Design’s Super Slouch Hat

And here is the one I made for Rosaline just now!


The yarn I used for this hat is Bernat Dippity Dots in Pink. The hooks I used were a 5.5mm hook, a 4mm hook, and a 3.5mm hook. I wouldn’t say that having all three of these hooks is necessary, but for this pattern I’m basically playing around with the gauge. I pretty much followed the pattern (linked above and here), with a few minor changes.

Round 1: Using the 5.5mm hook, I did 8 HDC into the magic ring.
Round 5: I switched to the 4mm hook here.
Round 7-9: I switched to the 3.5mm hook here.
Round 10-12: I started the hat’s band here and switched to the 4mm hook.

There is a tiny bit of slouch to the hat, which I like. I think if I use a finer yarn, I can probably make this beanie even slouchier. For the hat that Rosaline wore at Anime Expo (the Where’s Waldo hat), I used Caron’s Simply Soft yarn, and probably only the 4.0mm and 3.5mm hooks.

I love this pattern both for my dolls and for myself because it’s super easy, quick, and very cute.

Rosaline’s OATM (Outfit At The Moment):
Beanie – Crocheted by me
Dress – Reve de Rui
Shoes -Qmagicdoll

Edit: for the hat, decrease tension if you want a looser fit, but keep stitches fairly tight for the band. If you find the band is not as snug as desired, try using the 3.5mm hook for the band. Also, the more rows (prior to the band) that you do, the slouchier the hat is.


4 thoughts on “Crochet in Miniature – A Blythe Beanie

    • Thank you! The little pompoms frustrated me a by when I was crocheting because they wouldn’t pop up on the side I wanted. The yarn is very sweet looking though.


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