Some photos, dolly dieting, and a Mail Roll Call

Finley, Bryn, and Rosaline

Bryn – “Obviously, I wear this hat best. I think you two should go change.”


Summer doesn’t get enough face time.

I use a spending tracker app on my iphone – something I don’t recommend if numbers and money bums you out. It summarizes how much I’ve spent in each category, and since the beginning of the year Food and Hobby have been going toe to toe in the contest of On What does Olive Spend the Most Money On (Food is undefeated). So, I’ve decided to go on a low-buy/no-buy of sorts in both categories. I will be packing lunch from now on and brewing my own coffee in the morning. Also, no more adding to my shelf of dolls until either My Melody comes out or if I am able to make it to the mecca known as Blythe Con Chicago.

That said… the doll  budgeting comes a bit easier knowing I did some damage in the past few days. Here is my mail roll call:

  • Twiggy Twiggy pull rings (2 sets) – waiting at my local post office
  • Nendoroid Kuma – I couldn’t help myself. I think he’s a 2013 release, and I felt that he’d only get harder to come by and more expensive  the longer I waited. I’ll probably be seeing this guy in a month, as I ordered from eBay and the figurine is coming from Japan via SAL.
  • Neo Blythe Sally Salmagundi – I have a terrible weakness for bargains. I saw her selling on eBay NIB for a good price, and I made an offer. When she first came out earlier this year, I thought she was kind of cute with her purple pirate themed stock and her special purple eye chips, but I didn’t really look twice at her as during that time, At the time, I had just gotten my first blythe, a Cadence Majorette. I hope her abundance of curls isn’t too hard to manage.

I’m thinking of naming her Lucy after Luffy’s colloseum alias in One Piece, or Merryweather (to be shortened into Merry).

  • Blythe Face plate and back plate – I only really needed the front face plate, but on the off chance that my next carving turns out magically adorable, I might go ahead and make a girl out of parts. I have Finley’s stock Takara body in my closet, so I would just need a scalp and dome, an eye mech, and screws.
  • Pink Alpaca Wig for Potpourri – This has finally shipped! I can’t wait to try it on my BJD.

I can’t wait for this stuff to start making their way to my mail box one by one.


6 thoughts on “Some photos, dolly dieting, and a Mail Roll Call

  1. I just need to stay away from Mandarake. There was a Honey Wild Momoko (just the doll, which is fine) for 7,000 yen. She’s one of the ones I really like, so we shall see. At least I’m using my Paypal balance on her

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