Negative buying experience and some Nendoroid Fun

So I will not be adding Sally Salmagundi to my dolly family after all. There was some trouble with the seller not responding to my messages, and I received a message from eBay saying the listing I purchased was removed from eBay. I was a bit concerned, so I investigated and found that the seller had deleted her account and she had received several negative feedbacks for her other listings. What’s a person to do?

  1. Be really disappointed. I almost got a NIB Sally Salmagundi for $100.
  2. Open a case on eBay to get my money back.
  3. Search furiously through facebook to see if anyone else was similarly scammed.

I wasn’t the only person who purchased from this seller and failed to receive their doll. I feel lucky though, and thankful that my opened case was resolved almost immediately (I feel this extra layer of security when purchasing from eBay using paypal).

Luckily, I received a refund from eBay almost immediately, with the comment “After reviewing the seller’s recent activity, we decided to expedite your refund.”

Ah well. I’m not worse off from the transaction failing. I’ve actually run into some problems with my laptop, and I may have to replace it if I’m unable to repair it myself ( 😦 My expensive gaming laptop), so any extra savings is helpful.

Now onto a happy subject!

I took my Madoka Kaname Yukata Version Nendoroid out with me while I went to the post office the other day. I only managed to take one photo outside, because for some reason a lot of people must have decided to take the day off and walk around in my area. I find it a bit difficult taking photos of my nendoroid because no matter where I put her, everything seems enormously out of scale (duh, Olive. That’s because the Nendoroid is 4 inches tall.).

 After taking the photos, and trying to use a photo editor to erase Madoka’s stand, I realized two things.

  • I need a better camera than my iPhone6.
  • I stink at editing photos. For anyone who’s curious, I mainly use Pixlr and Pixlr Express to edit my photos. They’re free and easy to use.

I cannot wait for my Nendoroid Kuma to get here!!!


5 thoughts on “Negative buying experience and some Nendoroid Fun

  1. That’s so sad that you won’t be getting the doll–she’s quite adorable–but it’s good you were able to get your money back. I hope you won’t have to replace your laptop like me (just bought it today; they’re migrating over the data, and I should have it by Monday, and now I must never, ever, ever spend money again for like six months at minimum).

    BTW, about erasing Nendoroid stands from photos, it’s super difficult, even with really good editing software. Your best bet is to pose them without stands if possible (obviously, that’s usually not going to work) or to hide the stand with something in the shot.


    • Yeah I’m kind of bummed about not getting the Blythe. There’s a handful of people who are in the same position as me, and a super long thread on Facebook buyer’s beware group about this seller. I also hope I don’t have to replace my laptop!! It’s like, all these unexpected bills just popped out at once out of the blue. When I was first experiencing issues with the laptop, I remembered your previous blog post and thought it was some kind of electronic epidemic (I’m being dramatic… But laptops are expensive so it’s okay to be dramatic 😦 ). I don’t think Madoka is able to stand without her stand. :-/ Is Kuma able to??


      • I’ve seen a photo of someone getting his bear form to stand unaided, but I’ve never managed it without making him lean on something. It’s a matter of balance and luck, I guess, two things I have little of. (Especially lately…)

        Anyway, I have my new laptop earlier than expected, perhaps because they did a shoddy job with the data migration. 😦 (They promised my bookmarks would carry over, and they didn’t. 😦 I’m never gonna find all that stuff again. I’m probably going to take the old one back over there tomorrow or the next day and complain about that. Because I was *assured* that the bookmarks would carry over. And while I don’t need the two dozen or so YouTube and blogging bookmarks, I *do* need the two dozen or so bookmarks related to my Master’s Thesis.) This, of course, is why I would have liked to transfer the data myself, but when the computer won’t turn on, what can I do?

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