Nendoroid 256 Kuma

The Nendoroid Kuma (#256) has finally come by snail mail! IMG_2875 IMG_2876

Kuma is one of my favorite characters from Persona 4. His bear form is cute, and his human form is both cute and funny in that he looks like something out of a shoujo manga inside an anime (kind of some alien prince who thinks dressing that suave will get him all the ladies). I’m a little disappointed that the box is dented, but oh well – it wasn’t like I was going to display him in his box anyway.

IMG_2872 IMG_2874

Kuma comes with two stands! He’s pretty much two figures in one ^^. I wish his human form came with more face plates and arms though… but then at that point, they might as well have packaged him separately as a standalone figure.

:3 I like how sunny he looks, and how graphic the colors are on his robotic bear form. They’re currently both up on my dolly shelf with my other Nendoroid, Madoka.


6 thoughts on “Nendoroid 256 Kuma

  1. I keep wanting to find an Alice-themed Nendoroid to let him re-live the costume contest… 😛

    (Though I guess I could always let him dress up as Miku or one of my other Nendoroids…but it just wouldn’t be the same.)

    Weird coincidence when mine came, though; the return address was from a part of Japan (well, a part of Tokyo, rather) called Adachi. What are the odds?

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