More donuts! More kitsch!

Pro hat model

Pro hat model


I’m slowly working through my yarn stash! ^^ I finished one skein making the light blue pixie hat yesterday, and I’m almost through a small skein of tan colored yarn that has gold running through it. I recently got a Michaels gift card, so I will probably be adding to my stash soon, but still! It feels good to have used a skein up, especially one that’s been in my stash for some time.


I also decided to make a kitschy-type bracelet (for me) with the mini pull ring from the Twiggy Twiggy set I purchased for Rosaline’s pull string. I wanted to use up some of my seed beads, as I’ve only used them to decorate Rosaline and Finley’s pull strings so far. I kind of like it!.It’s cute in a kind of summer camp way lol.

^^ As usual, I can’t wait for the weekend! I plan on doing some carving (I got my Cool Cat order for some more carving tools) and some coloring! Olive – adult by weekday, living my best life on the weekend?


5 thoughts on “More donuts! More kitsch!

  1. There’s micheals coupons on mail, not sure if it hits your area but my grandma got a fourth percent off coupon.
    Those bonnets are lovely, I wish I was having a girl she’d love that stuff. My great aunts sister used to crochet Barbie clothes for my nd my cousin .

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