Rory, The Last Centurion

I’ve decided to name my new girl Rory, after the Doctor Who character (not the Gilmore girl). Not because she reminds me of the character that much, but while I was pondering what to name her, the random thought of the Last Centurion crossed my mind. More specifically, I was thinking about the episode where Rory is dressed like an ancient Roman warrior and is all sorts of bad-ass. (So many whovian feels I am having.)

I also like how cute and androgynous the name is! My new girl is already forming a personality – bookish, kind of dorky, laid back, but still slightly out there (kind of an aquarius).


Here is Rory, wearing her newly arrived Plastic Fashion dress! She’s also kind of a cat lady. The designer, Laura, has recently been making and selling adorable smock dresses with long sleeves that I’m kind of coveting.

Rory is definitely going to get a boil perm this weekend. Her slight curl has wilted, as I thought it might. While I give Rory a hair spa, I might give Rosaline one as well! Her curls have long since uncurled too.

In other news, I’ve been very bad at keeping to my budget 😦 . I’m even expecting a few blythe items in the mail… and my wishlist just keeps expanding!

P.S. This is how the concept of Rory was born.


And also, I have revealed to the internets the extent of my drawing prowess. Lol. I’m not the best at drawing, but I tend to “sketch” out an idea of how I want something to turn out. I did this when I repainted the faces of my EAH girls, and I’ll also do this sometimes when I free-hand a crochet project.


14 thoughts on “Rory, The Last Centurion

  1. Rory: I have a question from me and a message from the Doctor. Where is my wife?
    Cyberman: What is the message?
    (Half the Cyberfleet explodes in the background.)
    Rory: Shall I repeat the question?

    Ahem. Sorry for the (slightly mangled) quotation. As you might have guessed, I, too, am a fan. 😛 Rory’s my favorite companion of the new series, by a great margin. He’s such a sweetie! There was a convention in town here, uh, when was that, just last summer? It was right when “Captain America 2” opened, because I had to rush out and see that on opening day, because I was afraid of spoilers among the other attendees, but anyway, two of the major guests at the convention were Matt Smith and Karen Gillian (who was technically promoting “Guardians of the Galaxy” of course), and Matt Smith admitted to being somewhat perplexed to Rory’s popularity among American women. I guess he’s not as popular in Britain, somehow. (Though I can’t imagine how.)

    Anyway, it’s a wonderful name for her. You must get her a navy blue dress! Or bronze armor and helmet. Or both. 😛

    If you do find any armor in Blythe size, let me know. Even though Pyrrha’s personality hasn’t quite developed the way I expected, I still would like to get her a set of armor…though more Late Bronze Age than Roman Age, of course. (I think I’d probably have to make that myself. Guess I need to learn metalsmithing. 😛 )

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    • XD that whole Amy and Rory arc was such an emotional roller coaster for me. I don’t really like Amy alone, but I like them as a pair. Do you remember the Van Gogh episode? That one makes me cry every time. One day I want to make it to a doctor who convention. I haven’t watched the older doctor who episodes >_< I've been meaning to… And I probably should while the new season is not running.
      My favorite doctor is #9 and my favorite companion is Rose (I also liked Captain Jack). I guess it's because #9 was my first doctor. I also like how just completely straight forward he was, and also how he ends up becoming #10. He was kind of gimmick free and I shipped him and rose!
      I really need some more dark colors in my doll wardrobe.
      I think you should be able to make armor out of plastic. I don't remember what it's called, but cosplayers use this super mold able plastic that bends and is cut easily when heated.


      • PBS ran the original show–back when it was the only show–when my brother and I were kids, so my brother grew up watching the original, though I only saw snippets, because I assumed if he was watching it then it must be a “boy’s show”, though I did think the fifth Doctor was cute. :p My first Doctor was actually the eighth, because we watched the TV movie when it was first on. Between then and the new show starting, I got to know some of the earlier episodes–mostly fourth and seventh Doctor ones–and by now I feel well versed in all of them. 😀 There are definitely some older episodes that are better than others, especially coming from the new series. “City of Death” is one of the all-time greats; it’s a fourth Doctor and Romana story, and although he didn’t put his name on it, it was penned by Douglas Adams, so it’s very funny.

        I know exactly what you’re talking about with the bendable, moldable plastic stuff. I can’t remember what it’s called, either, but I do know exactly what you’re talking about. It comes in these thin sheets, right, about the size of a piece of origami paper? Dang, I was just out at Michael’s two days ago looking for doll stands (which they don’t seem to carry any more) and then at Jo-Ann’s last night (same reason, and fortunately they still have them); if I’d thought of this stuff, I could have looked for it, but I don’t even know what aisle it would have been in, off-hand, to even know if it was there or not there. Hmm…no, can’t even think which part of the store it would be in. Maybe near the polymer clay…
        I’ve totally gotta look for that next time I’m out at an art supply store. I could make Mycenaean armor with that stuff really handily. A boar’s tusk helmet would require polymer or air dry clay, but that’d be a 100-150 years out of fashion anyway, unless I was specifically doing a doll based on the Dendra corselet, which wouldn’t really be right for Pyrrha; that’d have to be a totally different doll, maybe one named Dendra. Oh god, I’m sorry. I’m going totally into “archaeology geek” mode. Classes start next week, so I guess I’m automatically falling back into academia mode without even thinking about it.

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      • I just googled and I think the moldable plastic is called Superplast, worbla, or instamorph. I’ve never used it before, and I would call ahead to the craft store to see if they carry it (I’ve never seen it at michaels!). ^^ i think it’s normal to get excited about hobbies, and it’s awesome that you really enjoy your area or study to the point where you will craft armor for Pyrrha.

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      • I’m not sure if it’s the same stuff or not, but I’ve actually gotten some type of that plastic stuff before…though I’m not sure if I got it in a store or if it was something my mother ordered out of one of her art supply catalogs when she was still trying to make jewelry. I may try the art supply store on the way back from campus (gotta go pick up my books and parking pass) and see if they’ve got anything along those lines. If they don’t…hmm. If they don’t, I think I’ll probably have to let it be, for the moment. I shouldn’t be wandering the Internet looking for more stuff to buy, even if it’s only art supplies. I’m kinda in a bad way, financially. (And that’s *before* finding out how much my school books are going to cost…)

        On the other hand, the order from Groove’s sample sale is supposed to arrive by 8 pm today, according to the UPS tracking site, so that’s something to be excited about! (That’s why I was looking for doll stands, naturally.) In fact, I’ve been repeatedly checking the front door like a cuckoo in a clock for the last two days, just in case they came early and the delivery person didn’t knock…

        Come to think of it, I haven’t checked in almost two hours. I should go check again…

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      • i just realized! i forgot this before, but i think you have to be careful with plastic on plastic for blythes, because I think there’s a chance that the plastic on the blythe could react badly and start to melt!


      • Yikes! Thanks for letting me know! If I end up finding that stuff–the art supply store didn’t have it, either–I’ll be sure to line it with something to make sure that doesn’t happen.


    • ^^ thank you! I’ve been repurposing of old jewelry. You remember those mood/Buddha/personality bracelets back in the early 2000s? I had a ton of them that I kind of took apart for the beads.

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