Shiny new things :3


😀 I got Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer in the mail! I haven’t played it yet, but I plan to on my commute tomorrow… which means farm life (Story of Seasons) may take a back seat for a week or so… along with all the other things I’m supposed to do but keep putting off (oops).


Also, check out my new hooks! One can never have too many hooks. ^^ I haven’t tried them out yet, but I hope they’re comfortable to use. I’m contemplating looking into crochet hooks with cushions, or more ergonomic hooks because the WIP i’m trying to complete is killing my wrists. I’m currently making this bag to carry my dollies in for Blythe Con:

😀 I could potentially carry a girl in each pocket! My bag is going to be only 2 colors (pastel minty green for the body and cream as an accent. I’m hoping it doesn’t end up looking like a baby bag), and I’m using acrylic yarn and not cotton because it was more cost effective that way. The whole bag is done in single crochet stitches, doubling up the yarn, and using a 4mm hook. Ugh. Single crochet at this scale is the WORST because it takes forever to crochet something as big as a bag. So far, I have 3 out of the 4 sides of the bag done… I still have the one large side to finish, as well as the base of the bag, the handles, and the pockets. I WILL finish this thing by Blythe Con Chicago!

Side note for anyone interested in making this bag:

  • I think, if I were to make this bag again, I would just go for the yarn it specifies in the pattern (Lily’s Sugar and Cream cotton yarn). I do find acrylic easier to work with, but I think I would have preferred a cotton bag over a slightly fuzzy acrylic yarn one. Also, even though the weight of the yarn I bought is the same as the one specified in the pattern, I’m not dealing with the same issues I’ve read about in other people’s comments on Ravelry. Unlike a lot of other crocheters, I’m not finding the double yarn strands difficult to crochet with a 4mm hook. Additionally, I’m also worried that the bag will stretch out too much since it’s made out of acrylic.
  • The next time I make this bag, I might use the half double crochet stitch instead of a single crochet stitch. 😀 And I’ll pick wilder colors!

When it starts looking more like a bag, I’ll update the blog with some progress photos ^^.

One stand, two stand, red stand, blue stand. 

*\o/* The clover stand I ordered from eBay came in today, so now all of my girls have a stand. I kind of like how each girl’s stand compliments them in a way. Finley came with a black clover stand (she’s a neutrals girl), Bryn came with a mid tone pink stand, and the rest I purchased from eBay. The stand that came in today is the yellow one currently being used by Rory. I gave Rory’s slightly translucent blue stand to Marina, and gave the new yellow one to her. I’m pretty happy with how the stand situation worked out because the listing I won was for a random color stand. And just for posterity, Rosaline is on a light pink stand.

I actually also removed Rosaline’s sleep eyes today. Her lids kept drooping, despite how heavy her pull string was. Her eye mech sticks on one set of eyes, and I think it’s due to the spring. Eh. Ain’t no thing. 

Last update:   

This is what has become of the spare face plate I bought. She is going to become a cat girl. I’m still working on carving and sanding at the moment (but giving my poor hands a break). I’m a little unnerved with this kind of carving, because I usually carve with the lines already on the face plate. But the plus side is, at this point I only have the face plates and nothing else, so it’s not like I have a full doll and irreparably messed up her face. I will be scavenging for parts on eBay and Facebook ^^. 

MiniJijo haul and completed crochet goods

I’m still struggling to find a dress or outfit that looks made for Marina. I still think she looked best in that blue and white checkered dress with the super poofy skirt that I first put her in, because of the silhouette of the dress (tight fitted bodice with a full skirt kind of reminds me of mermaids, or maybe Ariel?). I was able to pick up my package that I ordered from MINIJIJO, as it was sitting in the post office for about a week, and it included a light blue dress I thought might look cute on Marina.
IMG_3560I kind of feel like it misses the mark… the dress itself is cute though!

And here is the rest of my haul:

IMG_3558I ordered five tutus and two long sleeved dresses ^^. That rainbow deer dress is kind of amazing.All in all, I’m happy with my order from MINIJIJO, as I was in desperate need of separates. The tutus will be used as skirts, as well as underskirts (? … not sure what they’re called, but they will be giving my dresses some volume 😀 ), and long sleeved dresses are perfect for the fall.

I actually have my eye on a few other things in the store. The prices are attractive, and the dresses I purchased are well made, so I will definitely be a return customer.

Here’s my MINIJIJO wishlist:

The main things that my current dolly wardrobe are missing are darker colors (I have an irrational fear of staining), middie clothes, and separates! And weirdly enough, only two of my girls have underwear… so I guess I’m missing dolly undies.

I’ve been trying to curb my doll-related purchases in order to save up for Blythe Con, but I’m not sure how successful I’ve been. My yarn buying has also been kind of out of control this past month >_<. I have a few long-term projects lined up (a bag with blythe sized pockets for toting the girls and my purchases around at Blythe Con, a top for me, and some World of Warcraft related amigurumi), and I’ve also finished a few quick projects.


Tomorrow, I start the Blythe carry bag! >_< The projects that take up a ton of time always feel like such a marathon to me. I loathe leaving things unfinished, but with big projects I’m unable to crochet for more than a couple of hours at a time. Even though I may take a physical break from crocheting, my brain is still thinking of all the stitches that need to be done. .Hopefully 3 weeks is enough time for me to get it done!

Hello Autumn!

I really enjoy dressing my dolls, and I will often redress the girls all on the same day. It’s become something of a ritual for me, where I’ll pull out all of my boxes of doll clothes, shoes, and accessories, sit down on my bed, and slowly coordinate an outfit. Sometimes an outfit will suit the dolly’s designated personality and style, and sometimes it’s a complete fashion miss, but doing this wardrobe change often helps me cycle through all the pieces I’ve accumulated in this year. This activity is also stress-relieving for me, and it helps me bond with my blythes.

Speaking of bonding, I thought I’d do a bit of an introduction of each of my girls as I’ve come to fancy them ^^.

Finley – She’s a bit of an odd one. She’s my only stock girl, and real release (Cadence Majorette). I had thought she’d be an outgoing, tomboyish, adventurer type, but then she became the older sister – the easy going, patient, quiet and lady-like one. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure that’s who she is either.

Crocheted cat/devil hat

Finley is wearing: hat crocheted by me, striped t-shirt I purchased in a lot on eBay, overalls by Reve de Rui, and pink converses from the Simply Guava stock.

I’m actually not sure who she is at all yet, and that’s tough! I’ve had her the longest out of my girls, and I still can’t pinpoint her personality or style. I think part of my difficulty is that I purchased her as my first doll because I thought she would be a good first blythe doll. I would get a feel for what being in the blythe hobby was like, without breaking bank. She remains stock because I can’t bring myself to carve her or alter her irreversibly. I’ve changed two of her chips and spray matted her face, but that’s it. The only thing that this girl is attached to is her name, and that she likes to daydream, she’s easy going, and she likes to try new things.

Rosaline – She’s a super girly girl. She loves sparkly things, and she’s very excitable. She loves the color pink, pinafores, polka dots, play dresses, ruffles, and fairy tales, and heroes.  She has a strong personality, and is apt to fighting to get her way or going off alone. I dreamed her up while marathoning Steven Universe. She’s based on an original character of mine, as one of Peridot’s successfully forced fusions. Her separate shards were able to successfully sync with one another because of each of the fallen warriors’ strong desire to carry out Rose Quartz’s will to protect the Earth. Rosaline is not a sum of her parts, but an entirely new crystal gem, born in the Kinder Garden, unknown to Home World. She quickly befriends Steven, is seen with suspicion by Pearl (because she resembles Rose) and Garnet (because of the nature of her birth), and begrudgingly accepted by Amethyst (because of their shared birthplace and Rosaline’s resemblance to Rose, but begrudgingly because she is bringing disharmony to the group).


Rosaline is wearing: knitted top I won from a Blythe Life giveaway, jean capris I purchased in a lot on eBay, and Country Summer’s stock boots.

Bryn – She’s a tough girl in a small package. She will take no sass from you. Although she’s the younger sister in the group, she’s also quite mature, but also kind of bossy.


Bryn is wearing: Alicia Cupcake’s stock blouse, socks, and shoes, and Yeolume Podo stock skirt.

Rory – She’s the resident hipster-librarian closeted-otaku. She loves vintage, glasses, and old timey things. She’s bookish, and quiet.


Rory is wearing: knitted cardigan I won in a Blythe Life giveaway, Sugar Mag collared undershirt, Les Jeunette’s stock pinafore, Ice Rune’s stock hat, and Cadence Majorette’s stock shoes.

Marina – She’s the resident mermaid. Her look is ethereal, confident beauty.


Marina is wearing: long sleeve top and shoes I purchased in separate lots on eBay, and a crocheted skirt by me.

Marina is definitely getting changed again this weekend when I pick up my etsy order from the post office. She’s a bit too casual for my taste, but I really don’t have much in the ways of a wardrobe for her in my current clothing collection. Hopefully, Marina’s stand will come soon too!

I think it’s a little funny how I’ve written more about the dolls I’ve had longest, and less and less as the list goes down. I’m still getting to know my girls, and I like that their individual “auras” or vibes are different from one another.

ROAR my posts are all so long and ramble-y! I hope everyone has an awesome day tomorrow!

At the park with the girls

Today was one of those rare occasions where I brought my blythe dolls out with me. I met up with my coworker friend who is also into blythe dolls, and we managed to nab a table at a park in the city… a very crowded park in the city.


This is my friend’s stock Manuheali’i Paradise Girl ^^. I love the warm color of this girl’s hair, the small gold earrings, and her painted nails! Also, all of her chips are stunning (I think they’re all special colors). My friend is really into lolita fashion, and bought the outfit from Junie Moon.


Marina is sporting a sweater that I won from a Blythe Life giveaway and a dress I purchased in a lot on eBay. When I was dressing her for her outing, it really hit me that I don’t have anything in my dolly wardrobe that really suits Marina. I must remedy this.


Rory is wearing a dress I purchased from a youtube sales video/decluttering series by Maidensuit, and the glasses from the Les Jeunette stock I purchased from Jannette of Project Dollhouse.

It’s a little unnerving to have the dolls out in such a public, and crowded area. The park was crawling with people, and I tried not to pay attention to stares as I tried to take some photos of the dollies against the backdrop that is the park.

I had a lot of fun though! One of my favorite parts of blythe meets (I guess since it was just me and my friend that this was more of a blythe hangout?) is that I get to see blythe dolls I wouldn’t normally have a chance to. After seeing a Manuheali’i Paradise Girl, I’m kind of sad that I didn’t try harder to get Cherry Beach Sunset (hopefully next year, I’ll nab a tan summer girl!).


One last photo of my girls on their first outing :3 .

Current Obsession: Nintendo 3DS Story of Seasons

I recently purchased the Nintendo 3DS game Story of Seasons. It’s made by the same company that makes the Harvest Moon games (repping Harvest Moon since SNES yo), and I would even put this game in the same universe as the Harvest Moon series. So far, I’ve logged about 40 hours into the game, and I’m at the tail end of the Fall season of the First year. I know… it’s exactly how it sounds… I spent 40 real life hours playing a game where I’m a farmer on a farm in a quiet little town. I actually named my character after my cat, and my character’s hairy brown cat after me. 😀 So technically, my cat is living the farm life, and I’m living the life of the cat.

Harvest Competition - Serious business

Harvest Competition – Serious business

The objective of the game is to run a successful and competitive farm, boost the town’s economy by opening trade with other countries and increasing tourism. As a new member of the town, you’ll also want to make friends with the townspeople and even marry one of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes of the town.

My character's waifu.

My character’s waifu. Check out those pink flowers. 

It’s insanely addicting.

There are a few subtle differences between Story of Seasons and the typical harvest moon games, some I like and some I don’t.

Things I like:

  • You can choose from two difficulty levels (easy and normal). I’m playing on easy mode, because apparently I like to farm to relax.
  • There is so much character customization! This aspect is a bit lacking in the Harvest Moon series. In Story of Seasons, you can change your clothes and your physical attributes (hair color and style, face type, skin tone).
  • There’s also a world building aspect. You can change the appearance of your farm, your home, and the town.
  • I’m not sure if this is entirely a new function (>_< I actually haven’t played the last one or two releases. I think the last HM game I played was The Tale of Two Towns.), but I like that you can see your friendship levels with the townspeople by pressing the upper left button when near the npc. Very handy.
  • Similar to the HM games, there’s a lot to do. Farm life is not idle life.
  • There are reverse confessions! And reverse marriage proposals. That’s got to be a first.

Things I’m not too keen on:

  • There aren’t any love rivals. In some of the other HMs, you can trigger cutscenes between one of the potential marriage candidates and your respective rival in love. These cute romantic cutscenes enrich the game, and I like to see that the NPC’s  lives don’t revolve around my character. Without this aspect, I feel like the lives of half of the characters remain stagnant after my own character chooses her path.  I guess it’s just as well. I always found it both hilarious and sad that there was always one female NPC without someone to marry, all because my character decided to uproot her life and come waltzing into town, making the total number of young people uneven. LOL.
  • There’s no mining cave… just a single sad little vein to “mine” from that’s like a cornucopia of gems and stones.
  • There may even be too much going on – I’ve noticed an influx of new animals you can own, you can rent crop fields, there’s a safari (kind of like the safari in pokemon, except way smaller, and mostly used for scavenging), you can own your own trading stall, you can edit the appearance of your home, your farm, and the town, and that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I mean, I’m not even through year one and I’ve already logged a ton of hours.

Here are the games I’ve played in the series: /humblebrag

  • SNES Harvest Moon
  • GB Harvest Moon GB
  • GBC Harvest Moon 2 GBC
  • Play Station Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
  • GBC Harvest Moon 3 GBC
  • GBA Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
  • GBA Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town
  • NDS Harvest Moon DS
  • NDS Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness
  • NDS Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar
  • NDS Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns

/end humblebrag

My next 3DS game purchase will most likely be the new Animal Crossing game, which if it’s anything like it’s predecessors, is a game about paying off the mortgage to your house :D.

Playing with Miniatures

I decided to update my dolly shelf today. I’ve accumulated some miniature items from Michaels over the past year that have just been sitting in a box. I’m not yet up for creating an entire room, since I’m lacking most of the materials I think I would need. I do plan on moving within a year, and I also expect moving something as delicate as a Blythe room might be problematic. SO! My girls will have to make due with their dolly shelf ^^.


Currently, my blythes live on one of the top shelves that are built into the wall of my room. I lined the shelf with some contact paper, and I taped up some mini frames onto the wall. I’ve also been meaning to draw something on the mini easel, so I’m glad I got around to doing that today.


😀 It’s my cat!

I also found something very exciting in my basement!

IMG_3391It’s a jewelry box that plays music and it looks like an armoire! I remember seeing this around back when I was a little kid, and since it wasn’t in use, I asked my mom if I could have it. It now currently houses my own jewelry and trinkets, and is sitting on the doll shelf. I love how to scale it is, and for something that’s nearly 25 years old, it’s in really good condition… and now it is MINE :D. No backsies, mom.

Lastly, my sample Moo cards came in today! They almost look like trading cards.


I made sample Moo business cards using their promotion – you can order a sample of 10 business cards of your own design for free. I’ve only ever seen business cards by Moo once, and I wasn’t sure this was something I would use for my etsy store. I decided to try ordering the sample first, to see how I feel about them. My order consists of 8 different designs, with the business card being portrait style, rather than the traditional landscape. The finish of the cards are matte (I wish I got some with the glossy finish). I didn’t really have a solid idea of what I would want my hypothetical business cards to look like, so I just picked photos I’ve taken recently that I liked and used them as the design. I also kind of winged it for the writing on the back.


I’m not entirely happy with the little image on the bottom of the card back. I need to work on a cleaner looking logo for my etsy store. I have some rough sketches of what I might want as a logo, but nothing finalized.

I really like these cards! They’re super cute~. My mom actually took one to use as a bookmark.

In the future, I might include them in packages when I ship out orders. I would definitely recommend Moo cards if you’re in the market for nice business cards. I’m not sure how competitive their prices are, as I haven’t done the research, but in terms of the finished product – the cards are printed on stiff paper, and they feel luxe.

Pull strings and other things

I wasn’t as productive as I had hoped to be during the long weekend, but I did manage to cross off a few things from my To Do List.i updated Marina’s pull string! I purchased these super cute charms and beads from Michaels about a week ago. Marina is my mermaid girl on land. She’s not necessarily all about ships and boats, but she is all about the sea, and what better way to traverse them than on a ship?I also put Rory in my new Les Jeunette stock. I seriously love those stock glasses. They kind of remind me of my own frames, except mine are a bit more rectangular. I didn’t realize that stock glasses kind of click into place. The glasses actually remind me of her:

 My girls are quickly forming cliques – there are the princess type girls (Finley and Rosaline) and the trendy girls (Rory and Marina). Bryn doesn’t give two shakes about what anyone thinks about what she’s wearing. Case in point – her giant cupcake hat. She kind of floats between the two groups.   

Friends ^^

 I think my next girl will either be a stock girl that I’m completely in love with in stock form (Hello Dark Rabbit!), or a cat girl.

The two girls coming with me to Blythe Con will be Marina and Bryn. This will give me a chance to shop around without having to agonize at the convention over who to leave Finley with, even if the customizer did agree to take her as an on the spot commission (plus, I realized that all the vendors probably have a ton to pack and bring home as it is… may be best not to add to their luggage). I have my heart set on a number of items from the vendors’ online stores. My goal is to buy a couple of things for Bryn (staples), and versatile separates for my Neos.
5.5 weeks until Blythe Con!

Blythe Con Prep

I will be attending my very first Blythe Convention this year! ^^ Also, I will be visiting Chicago for the first time too (business trip where I stopped by our Chicago branch does not count). I’ll only be taking a 3 day trip, so I’m devoting the first day to sight seeing ( 😦 missing the pre-meet, booooo), and the second day to the Blythe Con, and the last day for some quick sight seeing before I hop on a plane back home. I’ve already got my itinerary planned out for the sight seeing,

I decided way last minute that I would donate some crocheted goods to Blythe Con as door prizes! The theme is candy and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Marina is posing with Science the candy corn rat (the mousey is the donation)


I hope whoever claims any of these as door prizes loves them >_<.

I’m not sure who I will be bringing to Blythe Con with me. Marina is a big contender. She has the most unique hair in my family of dollies, and I don’t have much in the ways of clothing that match her perfectly (her and Rory), so I will definitely be shopping with her in mind. I may bring two Neos… but then again the official doll of Blythe Con Chicago is the Middie. Also, traveling with one middie and one neo would probably be easier than traveling with two neos.


Also, hooray for the long weekend!

The girl I didn’t see coming

A couple of weeks ago, I had messaged Jannette of Project Dollhouse if she would part with her Les Jeunette stock, knowing she had just ordered another NRFB Les Jeunette. I had been coveting this doll’s stock for a while, from her thick frame glasses, to her pinafore-style polka dot dress and pink blouse. Les Jeunette’s stock is ridiculously priced (and quite possibly fake) on eBay, so I was ecstatic when Jannette agreed to the sale. She also mentioned she would be including something handmade to the package. So I thought, “oh goody! Let us have an exchange of handmade goods!”. I sent her a package, and she sent me the stock outfit and her handmade item, with the hint that the item would be something that I would have to complete myself.

And so the package was sitting at the post office for a few days before I was able to pick it up. I went and got it today, and saw that the box was pretty big. HMMMMM. I looked at the box while I was walking home and saw that the customs label said “Doll and Doll clothes”. HMMMMM.

And then I opened the box, and here was the exchange with myself:

“OMG. OMFG. OMFG. Shut up! OMG!”

Marina - Box Opening

Marina - Box Opening

Marina - Box Opening

The stock i purchased came ON A BLYTHE customized by Jannette (Meet Marina on Project Dollhouse’s Blog).

Hold the phone. Now give the phone to me.

Thank you, Jannette!!!

Marina came with a note from Jannette, explaining that Marina is a surprise gift for me, and that I was her first subscriber to her blog.

To say the least, I am over the moon happy, VERY surprised, and super taken by my new girl.

The first thing I did was take her out of the Les Jeunette Stock, and unbraid her hair. Marina got a thorough brushing. Her hair is the kind of hair that is super soft, insanely thick, and quick to tangle. It’s similar in texture to Rosaline, but it is way more dense.

Marina - Box OpeningMarina - Box Opening

Her hair brushing took me at least an hour, if not more. But my god, look at it – It looks like a cascade of brushed waves! I would have loved to keep her hair down, but I didn’t want it to tangle again, so I decided to style it into a side braid.

Marina - Box Opening

Marina (whose name is perfect by the way) is quickly turning into my mermaid girl, with her seafoam colored hair. I put her haif in a big fish tail braid, kind of like a mermaid’s tail, with two smaller braids acting like rope.

Marina - Box Opening

Marina - Box Opening

Her eye chips match her well, and I wouldn’t change a one! Her lids are painted so delicately. The painting look like both feathers and scales to me. Also, it’s strange and I’m not sure how Jannette did it, but Marina’s face is slightly dewy looking. Kind of… not entirely matte, but slightly highlighted?

Like my other Blythe girls, Marina will be getting her own Plastic Fashion dress when I see one that I think will suit her ^^. I also must order a stand for her on eBay, and get to work on charming up her pull strings. I’m having a very exciting day ^^.