The girl I didn’t see coming

A couple of weeks ago, I had messaged Jannette of Project Dollhouse if she would part with her Les Jeunette stock, knowing she had just ordered another NRFB Les Jeunette. I had been coveting this doll’s stock for a while, from her thick frame glasses, to her pinafore-style polka dot dress and pink blouse. Les Jeunette’s stock is ridiculously priced (and quite possibly fake) on eBay, so I was ecstatic when Jannette agreed to the sale. She also mentioned she would be including something handmade to the package. So I thought, “oh goody! Let us have an exchange of handmade goods!”. I sent her a package, and she sent me the stock outfit and her handmade item, with the hint that the item would be something that I would have to complete myself.

And so the package was sitting at the post office for a few days before I was able to pick it up. I went and got it today, and saw that the box was pretty big. HMMMMM. I looked at the box while I was walking home and saw that the customs label said “Doll and Doll clothes”. HMMMMM.

And then I opened the box, and here was the exchange with myself:

“OMG. OMFG. OMFG. Shut up! OMG!”

Marina - Box Opening

Marina - Box Opening

Marina - Box Opening

The stock i purchased came ON A BLYTHE customized by Jannette (Meet Marina on Project Dollhouse’s Blog).

Hold the phone. Now give the phone to me.

Thank you, Jannette!!!

Marina came with a note from Jannette, explaining that Marina is a surprise gift for me, and that I was her first subscriber to her blog.

To say the least, I am over the moon happy, VERY surprised, and super taken by my new girl.

The first thing I did was take her out of the Les Jeunette Stock, and unbraid her hair. Marina got a thorough brushing. Her hair is the kind of hair that is super soft, insanely thick, and quick to tangle. It’s similar in texture to Rosaline, but it is way more dense.

Marina - Box OpeningMarina - Box Opening

Her hair brushing took me at least an hour, if not more. But my god, look at it – It looks like a cascade of brushed waves! I would have loved to keep her hair down, but I didn’t want it to tangle again, so I decided to style it into a side braid.

Marina - Box Opening

Marina (whose name is perfect by the way) is quickly turning into my mermaid girl, with her seafoam colored hair. I put her haif in a big fish tail braid, kind of like a mermaid’s tail, with two smaller braids acting like rope.

Marina - Box Opening

Marina - Box Opening

Her eye chips match her well, and I wouldn’t change a one! Her lids are painted so delicately. The painting look like both feathers and scales to me. Also, it’s strange and I’m not sure how Jannette did it, but Marina’s face is slightly dewy looking. Kind of… not entirely matte, but slightly highlighted?

Like my other Blythe girls, Marina will be getting her own Plastic Fashion dress when I see one that I think will suit her ^^. I also must order a stand for her on eBay, and get to work on charming up her pull strings. I’m having a very exciting day ^^.

13 thoughts on “The girl I didn’t see coming

  1. That customs woman almost ruined my surprise hahaha! She insisted I write doll on there ^^. I am soooo glad you like her =) I finished her semi-matte with a different sealant than MSC =) (liquitex). I can’t wait to see how you update her!!!

    Thanks again for being my first subscriber ^_^

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