Pull strings and other things

I wasn’t as productive as I had hoped to be during the long weekend, but I did manage to cross off a few things from my To Do List.i updated Marina’s pull string! I purchased these super cute charms and beads from Michaels about a week ago. Marina is my mermaid girl on land. She’s not necessarily all about ships and boats, but she is all about the sea, and what better way to traverse them than on a ship?I also put Rory in my new Les Jeunette stock. I seriously love those stock glasses. They kind of remind me of my own frames, except mine are a bit more rectangular. I didn’t realize that stock glasses kind of click into place. The glasses actually remind me of her:

 My girls are quickly forming cliques – there are the princess type girls (Finley and Rosaline) and the trendy girls (Rory and Marina). Bryn doesn’t give two shakes about what anyone thinks about what she’s wearing. Case in point – her giant cupcake hat. She kind of floats between the two groups.   

Friends ^^

 I think my next girl will either be a stock girl that I’m completely in love with in stock form (Hello Dark Rabbit!), or a cat girl.

The two girls coming with me to Blythe Con will be Marina and Bryn. This will give me a chance to shop around without having to agonize at the convention over who to leave Finley with, even if the customizer did agree to take her as an on the spot commission (plus, I realized that all the vendors probably have a ton to pack and bring home as it is… may be best not to add to their luggage). I have my heart set on a number of items from the vendors’ online stores. My goal is to buy a couple of things for Bryn (staples), and versatile separates for my Neos.
5.5 weeks until Blythe Con!

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