One stand, two stand, red stand, blue stand. 

*\o/* The clover stand I ordered from eBay came in today, so now all of my girls have a stand. I kind of like how each girl’s stand compliments them in a way. Finley came with a black clover stand (she’s a neutrals girl), Bryn came with a mid tone pink stand, and the rest I purchased from eBay. The stand that came in today is the yellow one currently being used by Rory. I gave Rory’s slightly translucent blue stand to Marina, and gave the new yellow one to her. I’m pretty happy with how the stand situation worked out because the listing I won was for a random color stand. And just for posterity, Rosaline is on a light pink stand.

I actually also removed Rosaline’s sleep eyes today. Her lids kept drooping, despite how heavy her pull string was. Her eye mech sticks on one set of eyes, and I think it’s due to the spring. Eh. Ain’t no thing. 

Last update:   

This is what has become of the spare face plate I bought. She is going to become a cat girl. I’m still working on carving and sanding at the moment (but giving my poor hands a break). I’m a little unnerved with this kind of carving, because I usually carve with the lines already on the face plate. But the plus side is, at this point I only have the face plates and nothing else, so it’s not like I have a full doll and irreparably messed up her face. I will be scavenging for parts on eBay and Facebook ^^. 

9 thoughts on “One stand, two stand, red stand, blue stand. 

  1. I love reading about your blythe adventures! I got some blythe tools in the mail yesterday, and sat up for hours working on a set of face plates I bought on etsy. Greatly encouraged by your posts, I had a blast! Looking forward to seeing this cat face 😉

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    • Thank you! Also how exciting ^^. Finishing a customized girl is oddly rewarding, especially when you think of how much time you put into one. The end product girl has so much more character than when she started out ^^. I think I’m done with carving and sanding for my cat girl (almost carved too much and decided to quit while I was ahead lol), but it’s supposed to rain for a whole week in my area :-/ , she the faceup is going to have to wait.


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