Relatively Instant Gratification

The blythe carry bag feels like it’s taking forever for me to finish, so I set it aside today and worked on some quick crochet projects for fun.




I just realized …I procrastinated crocheting by crocheting…

I also wanted to share my crochet binder!


I kind of miss writing in notebooks and on pages in binders. I miss that new book smell. I miss writing in script.


I say these things, but I also am way faster at typing than I am at hand-writing, I’m more apt to keeping things neater on digital files, I love my kindle, and I suck at writing in script.

But since I was feeling nostalgic, I decided to make myself a binder of crochet patterns I like, refer to often, or want to try. I like having a physical pattern book, because it’s convenient for this particular hobby. I’m not chained to my phone or my laptop when I’m trying out a new pattern, or constantly having to unlock my phone when I need to see the next step in the pattern. It’s also easier for me to keep track of where I am on the physical pages than on a screen. And, I’m more likely apt to trying new patterns if they’re printed and kept in this binder, rather than look through all of my bookmarks for inspiration.

The binder isn’t the most pretty thing, but I did feel pretty accomplished when I put it together! I have a color wheel and a color scheme chart on the outside, and the inside is divided into sections: For dolls, Amigurumi. For Humans, For Home.

^^ Happy Friday Folks

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