I’m in a really weird doll mood.

I’m currently back to being obsessed about the idea of repainting doll heads. I did this for two of my Ever After High girls (that I’ve since sold on evilbay), but I had a really hard time getting what I pictured in my head to translate on the doll’s blank face. Drawing and painting are not my fortes, but I go back and forth between accepting that I’m just not good at art to thinking I might get better if I just practice some more. 😦 When will I learn?

I have major issues with drawing symmetrically and with with achieving depth in color and lines. I might try practicing sketching anime-style eyes before attempting doll repaints. Also, the next time around I will be using eye decals (thank you, Genius who invented the eye decal). I’m definitely going to hold off on buying any blank doll heads until Blythe Con has passed. I’m not sure how much I’ll be spending there, or if I’ll come home with a new doll in two weeks! Also, I’m not sure if I’m just going through a weird phase.

Currently, I’m waiting on a Merry Go Round Licca doll and a Pure Neemo Flexion XS Boy body.

not my photo! courtesy of google images.

I’m not sure if I’ll harvest this girl’s body and give it to one of my blythe girls, or if I’ll keep the Licca as is. If I do rebody her, I’ll probably purchase an Azone Pure Neemo Flexion XS girl body for her. As for the boy body, that one is eventually going to become this guy:

And if I can successfully put together a pure neemo version of him (Marshall Lee-esque – I won’t be spray painting his whole body and face grey, but I am getting the white pure neemo body and I will get the white obitsu head.), I will be making Fionna the Human too ^^.

I got so excited at the idea of putting together a doll that I couldn’t focus on anything else… I guess I should focus on getting one project done at a time! >_< This weekend I will be giving my cat girl face plates some makeup. I also have to finish crocheting that blythe carry bag! And, I have three baby blanket commissions. Behold, my WIP:


I still have to attach the arms, and sew the face on.

By the way, I’m super excited about this three day weekend. My plan is to get a ton done!

11 thoughts on “I’m in a really weird doll mood.

  1. I’m sure you’d get better with practice, and Ever After High dolls aren’t that expensive, so you don’t have to feel too bad if you mess up. Plus, you can redo them over and over. If you enjoy it, just do it! ^^ I can’t wait to see your cat girl!

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    • Yeah… Ill be ordering some blank heads on junky spot, or even getting licca heads on eBay maybe, to practice. I already know that I’m not particularly artistically inclined when it comes to freehanding, so i hope I’m happy with the effect of the eye decals >_<


      • Sounds like fun! I’ve used eye decals before on some tiny Obitsus and they looked really nice. I look forward to seeing what you do with the heads.

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  2. That Licca is adorable!

    I know how you feel about wanting to re-paint dolls; I have a whole bunch of Monster High sitting around that I want to customize, including several I want to re-root, even though I know perfectly well that that takes freaking forever. (Once upon a time, I was actually pretty good at re-rooting Barbies. I have several of them that I re-rooted about 15 years ago. Now it’s hard to imagine that I had the patience for it. And hard to imagine ever again having the *time* for it.)

    Decals are definitely a good idea for the eyes; if the JunkySpot ever gets clear Obitsu heads back in (well, they’re more silver than clear, really) I plan on getting one, and I’d definitely use decals for the eyes, rather than try to paint some on.

    I always seem to think of more new doll projects I want to embark on, even though I don’t have the time for the ones I’ve already started. 😦 (But at least projects cost less than new dolls…I think. I went to get two minor things at Michael’s for the resin charms for Pyrrha’s and Romana’s pull ring strings, and ended up getting a bunch of stuff and spending more than $40. *sigh*)

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    • I feel the same way about having new projects. It’s all I can do to just make the junky spot order right now!! I have an EAH doll that I might just remove from box to practice repainting. I actually would love to learn how to reroot, but I don’t think I have the patience for it either..


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