Always excited for the weekend 

Side note before the actual post: I have a promo code up on my etsy for 15% off with code BUNDLEUPBLYTHE.   

It’s Friday! Just 8 hours at work and then I’m happily home free. I actually plan out my weekdays in advance, scheduling each hour in order to remind myself to get things done (both errands and everyday things) and to make the work week go by faster. I guess I’m a creature of habit, or just prone to extreme laziness, so in order to avoid that I like to make these list-like schedules. Also, I find it extremely satisfying to be able to cross lines off. 

… I’m a few days behind in terms of things I wanted to get done before the weekend got here, but the best part of the weekend is that sleep is optional (probably more correct to say that I don’t have a self-imposed bedtime). 

Here are a few things I’m hoping to get done this weekend:

  • Boil perm my Licca chan’s hair, and finally settle on a name. 
  • Crochet myself a cowl hood. Winter is coming. 
  • Make my Junkyspot order of blank heads and what not.
  • Crochet some Blythe hats and scarves.
  • Take some pretty outdoor doll photos before all the pretty leaves become gross (I feel like I might have missed the boat on this one.)


I’m going to a park this weekend, and I’ll be taking this girl with me ^^. I’m actually having a really hard time finding clothes that fit the pure neemo XS body well. Most of the dresses look way too baggy, in a “You’ll grow into it in a few years” kind of way. I think I’ll also take Rosaline. 

I hope work flies by today.

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